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The Start of Yung Tre

For as long as I can remember I loved music, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. I loved watching music videos and concerts of famous stars, saying I would be on television someday doing my own music video or concert. I remember writing my first song, I went into my older sister's room and sang it to her, she was amazed at what she had just experienced. Her exact words were "have you sung that to mama and daddy yet, that's really good", I said "No, why what's wrong with it", then she ran into our parents' room and she told me to sing it for them, they couldn't believe the talent I had. Neither my mother or father had this talent growing up, so I'm guessing it's just something I developed over time. As I grew older, my lyrics became more meaningful to me and I was writing about the situations I was in and what I had been through. At the age of 16 I moved to Oklahoma, leaving behind a lot of musical talented friends in Mansfield, Ohio. Today I own my own recording studio and I am fulfilling my life long dream of being an artist, I haven't hit fame yet, but I can feel it and I know I'm getting closer and closer each day.