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Acoustic Project!

Really excited to unveil the new sound for a new acoustic group! Justin B Reynolds (Dixie Highway Band, Six Mile Rd, and Southern Nights) and I are collaborating to bring you all only Real music, with real harmonies, by 2 guys that are really familiar with each others style. We played together for a few years in Six Mile Rd, really found a unique sound, and are ready to get some input on it! Stay posted for a sneak peak!


Let me know what you guys are thinking! Start telling places in town they need to get a booking! Exciting things are to come, and thank you all for your support! RQ

Can't wait!

Man it has been pretty exciting here lately, and I am writing faster than I can record them all right now. Stay around and within the month I will be posting the "Duet" version of "I Just Need a Friend", and I got a new one called "Slide On Up" that will speed things up for ya'll. Thank you for your support! RQ

More to come!

Will be posting a few more originals for you guys and gals to listen to in the next couple days! As always, let me know what you think.