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Breaking out in FL! ;-/

Excited to be playing more in FL. With work heating up (even more!) and my commitment to make it happen, I'll be in FL much more over the coming years. Playing music keeps me sane, and I have to keep my fall back plan chops up if this biz thing flops, so I'm getting more proactive about booking gigs and making musical connections in FL. Barley Mow this Friday! Was supposed to be with some long time friends, but their tour plans changed, so it's just me! Please come on out (if you are in the region!) and support live music. Peace~

Saturday Night

We're going electric baby... See you Sat night at the Center Street Alley.

Practice, practice, practice.

I can't, it seems, practice enough. I am grateful my family seems to understand, or at least tolerate my obsession(s). I work hard at my day job(s), the ones that pay the bills and that many folks count on me being the right cog of the wheel at the right time. I also work hard at feeding my creative side. I have come realize, without my creative side being maintained at a reasonably competent level, my self value begins to drop, and then, my performance on and off the stage suffers. The challenge is one of balance, and how to find time and space to practice when on the road. Cheers!

Catching up

So, a lot has happened since my last blog (in '09!) the new record was finally released, a couple tours, a bunch of albums with other folks, but then you probably know all of that stuff already...

Recording with Kort McCumber and Russ Lawton

Hi, Just finished recording a new CD for Kort McCumber. The new CD was tracked live - with a few overdubs added after - with drummer Russ Lawton (of Trey Anastasio Band fame as well as many other laudable bands) Kort was singing and playing a multitude of instruments, and myself on Bass as well as engineering and producing. It was a great time, with heavy grooves and many laughs. look for the release in the spring! Jim www.kortmusic.com www.southviewarts.com www.jimgilmour.com

Headed to Bonaire!

Hi there,

I am fortunate enough to be headed to Bonaire to visit with friends and family, dive every day, and now it seems shows have been booked. Crazy, but I am looking forward to it. If you are in town come on by!