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As the days past

Yo what up its nick claridge kicking it old school on this laptop. I like flipping flapjacks and making music. We have been making some music lately and been impressed with the results. We also got Dead Space 3 pretty bad ass game I would recommend buying it. Jakksins balls wont't stop clack a lackin so he best soon get a smackin. I think later tonight I am gonna watch some old school Pokemon and watch Brock mac on da hunnies and get some......fuck yeah:) There is some ugly bitch behind and she better get stepping cause she smells like spoiled blue cheese Grody Brody!


We are Bonafide Ultimatum a group of kids who grew up within the oppression of party music. All we ever wanted was to stand on stage, look out into the crowd, and see that one quiet kid dancing on the floor. We have many more songs coming and hope to soon be signed by a Label who wants to bring us to glory and fame.