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and so it goes

still having the damndest time writing anything. dont understand it. ive had more emotional shit going on these last 2 weeks since Katrina and i cant write a lick... thought i had something a week or so ago...turns out its crap. happens. the well is dry right now... seems i am in a constant state of starting over. ive made a home on square one and it appears i am damn determined to stay put...everytime i put that good foot forward, i quickly place a bullet right behind my big toe. i told myself that i was going to write these blogs..try to stay current...but i think im beginning to just whine on them! haha! wasnt the intent...i'll try to remedy that 'lil issue... cheers

its not dark yet...but its getting there.

hurt is supposed to be a very good motivator for artists (i hate calling myself that)...but its not working to well for me this time... kinda funny how quick things change...i think monday i was feeling happy, silly songs...today its all Time Out Of Mind perhaps im just writing this to see it in writing...dont know really...nothing of much substance to say

rut of ruts

i seem to be stuck in the 'after record' writing rut. i pick up the guitar to rehearse and seem to play the same 10 songs over and over...just what everyone wants to hear, yet another version of Come Pick Me Up... i do this every time i finish a record...i guess i expend all my creative energies doing the damn thing that ive nothing left for a few months after too bad too. my personal life is soooo nutty right now that i should be writing some great stuff! ive never been happier, which usually means i write all sappy songs... so maybe its better i just wait! haha cheers

New Band Perhaps

hooking up with jimmy coberly and some others and hopefully spinning off a new band in Boston....those of you that didnt catch the last few Minister's shows, jimmy filled in for jason edwards before heading off to boston to attend berkley...he's a young, power drummer...will be a blast playing with him again im a little torn between exactly what i should do...part of me wants to do a 4 piece acoustic, drums, upright bass and organ band...and the other part once to do a loud rock and roll band al ah black crowes... eh...i guess we'll have to get together and see what shakes out

Returning to New Orleans

Try as i may, try as i might, it appears that i will never get this damn 100 lb weight off my back. ive been unable to shake the desire to return to new orleans. ive had 2 different bands (at least) ive done a couple records, tried to dive into things that are going well here, but i cannot shake it. its gotten to the point that i dont know if its even real, or has my mind manufactured it. i suppose its possible. what i seek cannot be found! so anyway, i was just about to start a new record..i think im finally ready...but i will be traveling to new orleans this week to see about a great job opportunity and if that goes well i am going to hold off on the recording until i get settled. i think im going to enlist PWC to help me out...i work well with him because as many tastes as we have that are similar, we differ alot...and he is a musical encyclopedia and will think of things that i just have never heard... so perhaps by this time next week i will be gearing up for a return to new orleans...finally