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Recording & Hella Mad Records Comp Updates!

1 - We are recording from December 11th - 18th new songs we have been writing for our upcoming album to be released in early 2014 by Mike L on Hella Mad Records! 2 - Hella Mad Compilation update; This comp will be a late Nov for a Xmas release. For exact date see Hella Mad Records facebook. Great news, the CD is being mastered by East Bay Ray featuring tracks by us plus The Vibrators,The Dwarves, Hewho, Agent Orange and some more amazing punks!

Take Note on our upcoming shows!

If you have not seen or looked through the upcoming scheduled and confirmed shows, please do so. Also, want UFB to play your area. Have a show you are putting together, propose it to us. Please let us know. Send us a message right here through ReverbNation.

Recording and Label news

We are currently writing a debut album and have been recording them in San Francisco. Details coming soon, its all under wraps at the moment.