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Everybody Hertz - Track Listing

Since neither the Facebook or ReverbNation interfaces seem to be allow one to easily comment on the tunes (and ReverbNation goes so far as to change the album photo on your downloads) we figured we'd take this space to give some insight into the tunes on "Everybody Hertz."

1 - "It's Not Too Late." Written by T-Bone Burnett, and originally on his 1999'ish release "Criminal Under My Own Hat," this is one the Brothers have been playing live for a long time. We stripped it back a little for this recording to let it breathe, and love the way it opens the record.

2 - "Old Ohio" - A brand new song by Mike, in 5/4 time, that we're madly in love with playing. It's a love song to Ohio (kind of) on the brink of his impending move to Thailand.

3 - "Luckiest Man" - A fantastic Wood Brothers song written by Oliver Wood. Love the plaintive tone of this one, and the somewhat mixed messages.

4 - "Holding On To The Earth" - Sam Phillips is a gem. We love Sam Phillips. This is from her first "post-Leslie" album "The Indescribable Wow" and is (a) a showcase for her great lyrics as well as (b) just a ton of fun to sing with its strange harmonies.

5 - "Navajo Lands" - A new tune by Brandon, inspired by a trip out west last year. How much is true/fiction? The answer, and the accompanying story, will cost you a beer.

6 - "Nilsson" - Another new one from Mike, with layered harmonies from Brandon and Hertz Sister Heidi. Can't play this one enough, it's so much fun. And the subject matter? See if you can figure it out.

7 - Singing In The Rain - The classic Gene Kelly number, composed by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed. This one takes a bit of a turn from the original, which is how we likes 'em.

8 - "Mighty Trucks of Midnight" - There may be no more centrally agreed upon figure of mutual appreciation for the Hertzes than Bruce Cockburn. "I believe it's a sin to try to make things last forever. Everything that exists in time runs out of time someday." Bruce is an honorary brother if he ever wants to be.

9 - "Major 7th Invitation" - another fantastic new tune from Mike. Really love the openness of this, the overall vibe in the lyrics. We "guarantee you'll enjoy."

10 - "Oh Lord I Have Made You A Place In My Heart" - What a tune. What a sad, true song by Greg Brown. Whether any of us would have had the courage to write this, we can all sing it from time to time.

11 - "Summerfly" - Beautiful song by Cheryl Wheeler that we first heard on a "Best of Mountain Stage" compilation as done by Maura O'Connell. Just love the feel, the groove, the melody, and the juxtaposition of the jaunty vibe with the sadness of the lyrics. We're complex like that.

12 - "Mr. Blue Sky" - Classic ELO. Classic writing and composition by Jeff Lynne, and an especially fun challenge to play and sing. A fitting closer to this project.

13 - "Rickets" - an out-take jam off the central groove of "Navajo Lands." Just a bit of fun we had together, as are all of these tunes.

We sincerely hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing em.

-The Brothers.

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