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The Wig has a full month line up of shows: April 1st Proud Mary's, April 14th back @ Par Lounge, April 21st rocking @ Pal Joeys!!!


CD PARTY : Jan 27th 2017 Proud Mary's Blues/Supper Club Kearny Mesa! Months and months of work has resulted in "Big Wigs" the first CD by Give Me Back My Wig. The baby is done!!!


Next weekend the band is going into Thunderbird Analog Studios for a marathon recording session! We are so stoked to be able to work with Paladin's great - Thomas Yearsley. The Wig has been restlessly writing and composing all original songs for this CD release. We hope you will feel the love and dedication we have put into our music -- but most of all we hope it rouses your soul. xoxo


Thanks to Michael Jacobs for having us back! We had a sweet crowd -- and a few surprises! Great to see Deb and her entire family, Bonnie -- always great to see you and sho' nugh --- Marlyn and Marty came through!!! Thank you all for being there and supporting us! Shout out to our favorite bartender and new waitress friend Vivian! Finally, last but not least -- best roadie in town RB -- I love ya man!

Ramona Main Street Cruise Gig

Thanks to Mindy at Resurrected Rustic for giving us a stage to blow doors on Ramona's Main Street. Big shout out to RamonaRadio's Eric for patching us in LIVE!!!! Everybody was super cool. Thank Rod for the killer Pics and Roy for helping us get set!


The gig at PM was over the top! It was a blues musician's kind of night. Not only did the WIG put on our usual ass-kickin, blues stomping rager, but we had some incredible blues artists in the house including Phil Diiorio who joined us for several songs. The guy rips on his hot pink Tele! Then we had Rod "Lumpy" Lumry in the audience with his wife, Erma and friends. And sitting at the bar for the entire second half of the show Tomcat Courtney!!!! What a cool cat! Super grateful for Michael Jacobs for having us back. And as always the front row queens: Bonnie, Deb and the latest addition to the Wig kingdom --- Gina!!!! Yeah!!!! xoxo

Drummer Dude!

Last night we had a blast celebrating Glen Maiden's 35th year (ahem). Liar Liar pants on fire! lol. We torched the Lounge! Tony Montonian brought out the sax and just wailed! Everyone LOVED Paul Alverado on guitar -- the guy is just incredible. And the rest of the WIG did what we do --- just rock the timbers!!! What a fun night -- thanks to all the dancers who kept the energy high, high, high! Super fun night!!


Friday night the WIG takes center stage at the Par Lounge in Ramona. Super fun crowd is in for some surprises...the WIG has new music!!!! We'll be giving up some original music tomorrow night and performing some new classics. Can't wait to wow ya' all!!!!

Tio Leo's Fun!

First and foremost: I can't get over how cool this place is! Great dance floor -- that was happening! And the elevated booths. Huge bar! It's just a killer place to play with great acoustics. I love this place. Thanks to our loyal fans and dedicated roadies!! The Wig loves you!


Happy New Year! First, we wish you health, happiness and prosperity! Don't forget an abundance of love and laughter! This year bodes very good for the WIG. We have a jump-start on three new originals that we can't wait to deliver to you on a brand spanking-new CD! We have some great upcoming gigs, and adding more and more classic blues, funk and rock to our sets. Each of us want to extend a heartfelt thank you -- hug and kiss -- to our fans and our devoted roadies -- Bonnie, Deb and RB. You guys are the best!!! Let's keep the blues alive and well in 2016!!!!! Woohoo! Hell Yeah! You think i might be excited???? x0x0x0