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Recent Developments : Oct.2014

Wow, it has been a year since the last update. Some great strides have been taken since last September. A couple of guitar amps have blown up in the meantime as well. The music has been growing and we have been recording, but only to help us finish writing the album. We have decided to not release an Ep like we previously wanted to do, so the songs that are currently up will have a much more polished rendition on the upcoming album. The story of Ionike will be going on the Band website soon so be sure to check that out. As for the rest of 2014 we plan on playing some shows to finish the year out and be back in the studio early 2015 and have an album in your hands by next fall. Thanks for all your support. We sure do love playing music for ya'll. ~Homeless

Recent Developments Sept.2013

The last 6 months have been an amazing time for me personally as well as the rest of Ionike. We have only begun to dive in to a sound that we all love. The writing process has been slow yet satisfying. I cant explain to you how it happens sometimes. Every song begins as one riff usually about 20-45 seconds long. From there the Mad Scientists that i play with turn that simple beginning into this freaky frankenstein colossus. There is no songwriter in our group. It is simply a collection of people that love weird music and will not allow anything we do to stay the same. Always progressing, always changing. It is by far the most frustrating and the most desirable thing i am attracted to in this band. These are my brothers. I cant get rid of them. I cant leave them. No matter how weird they keep getting. Hope you like what you hear. We will be getting some more tunes tracked out soon. Hang in there with us. And thanks for checking us out. -Homeless