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Let's Do It!

The free download special has closed, but that doesn't meen you can't still listen! The demo will be officially released on October 22nd and is available for sale at our website: http://www.thisisripley.wix.com/thisisripley on the 'Store' page. You can also pick one up for free at any show. Our rank is currently declining on the ever important 'Reverbnation Altervative Charts', so give us a listen, LIKE the facebook and check out the website. Remember... a vote for Ripley is a vote for you!

New free demo, "Seven Hours With...", is finally available!

"Seven Hours With..." is officially uploaded for your listening pleasure. This is a demo, a snapshot of where this music exists at the present time. We invite you along on this journey of finding out what these songs mean and how they should be represented by offering these recordings to you absolutely free! Download them, listen to them, enjoy them and most importantly, find a bit of yourself in them. A full length album is sure to be around the corner, so enjoy these until then. Don't be afraid to come and get a free hard copy at any show! There might be some surprises on the CD not found online....