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TC @ the The Poet, Santa Cruz, April 12th 2014

Tone Captain will be opening for Hall Pass on April 12th, 2014. Everyone come on down and chill out. Tone Captain will be kickin it, gettin some drinks. Playin a few new original songs. Hope you can make it! Cheers and Best wishes from

- Tone Captain - Austin G.

Tone Captain / Camp Southern Ground

Tone Captain is currently Writing a few new original songs. Happy with the sound. Turning out great. Next show is at the end of January. Will be playing some of the new material then. Really excited to preform it! Stay tuned. Support Camp Southern Ground! Help under privileged kids! Check out http://www.campsouthernground.org/ Zac Brown is doing great work. All songs we sell a percentage goes to this fundraiser. I really believe in it and think it's a great cause. Thanks!!

Tone Captain at NASA

Tone Captain will be playing at NASA Ames Research Center on September 6th 2013. The event is about new things NASA is doing on MARS. Tone Captain will be playing at 7:00 PM and will end at 7:30 PM. Then a scientist will speak.

Crows Nest

Tone Captain is playing the Crows Nest in Santa Cruz tomorrow. Closing for Hall Pass. Should be a great time. If your in the area come check out the show. It Starts at 9:30.