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There was something intriguing about her. She walked by my house everyday around the same time. I didn’t know who that girl was but I was drawn to her. I knew I was suppose to connect with her, reach out to her but I wasn’t sure how. So instead of at least saying hello everyday, I did nothing. Then one day, she vanished. I looked for her for weeks but I never saw her again. I missed my opportunity. Sometimes we allow uncertainty to paralyze us. We know we should do something, say something but instead we allow fear to grip us. Maybe your opportunity isn’t reaching out to a young girl. Maybe your opportunity is relocating or maybe a career change but you are too scared to move or do something different. Take a first step and trust that if it is the wrong step He will redirect you. Don’t be afraid and do nothing because soon the opportunity will vanish and may be gone forever. Hugs, Lisa If this blog inspired you, sign up at http://www.LisaMcClendonmusic.com for more inspiration and the release of my new album 5AM, available now digitally at Amazon.com #Inspiration #Inspirational #lisamcclendon #INSTABLOG #ProverbialGirl #Proverbs31Woman

A Flower

I am a flower in the garden of life

With a mysterious journey that began as a seed looking for a place to land

My landing positioned me in dirty situations

And the more life’s dirty situations happened

The less visible I became

Often lonely and uncomfortable

The feelings of injustice and rejection left me in a season of solitary confinement

I did not see my way out


The day I saw the light

Was this light I would now behold

Coming to me?

No…..For now I was breaking through life’s dirty situations

And I was rising and lifting and coming to it

Now with as much finesse, poise, dignity and integrity

These grounds I now stand upon, had fed me

It had now become my platform, my stage

And the spotlight from heaven’s sky illuminates my being

Making me who I really am

An overcomer

A focal point of beauty


One thing the music industry help ignite in me was a LACK OF TRUST. I’ve have good managers. I’ve had not so good managers. I have CROOKED managers.

I remember once, having a manager discussing a game plan with me, I was down. But when we set down with the label rep, without any warning, he sided with the label, and left me appearing to be a diva. And oh man, from embezzlement, to destroying relationships, you name it, it’s probably happened to me. And now, I’m a pastor’s wife, could it get anymore challenging? I’ve always involuntarily loved hard, so when people misunderstand me or come against me after I’ve loved them, it puts me in a high mode of DISTRUST. I SHUT DOWN!!

“For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.” Philippians 3:3

I GET IT!!! I put myself in this place. One of my mentors would say, wear people and circumstances, like loose garments. Sometimes people let us down and hurt us, intentionally and unintentionally. I know I’ve done it, and alot of times, unknowingly. I know I’ve let God down plenty of times.

So the mission becomes to, NOT trust people but rather the God of people. HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in the FLESH, not even MY OWN.

An exclusive Lisa McClendon REVIEW:

Truthful Justice is like nothing you've ever heard. It's refreshing to hear something different in a world when nothing seems original. The vocals are mature and in your face. It's very clear that this husband and wife duo are authentic musicians, playing everything from bass to keys. I think I even heard a tuba. SHUT CHO MOUF!!! This album truly takes me back to Motown. Great job. TRUTHFULLY....it will do you JUST to support this work of art TODAY. -LM



(Inspired by an actual conversation that happen in my home this morning) This little girl at school called him a n**ga yesterday. N**ga? Yes. Did you tell the teacher? No. Do you remember what she was wearing? No. Why were you by yourself? I don't know. I'm calling the school! What grade was she in? Was she tall? Was she short? What did she say? N*gga Move! What did you say? Nothing. What did she look like? ...........Brown.......like me. Oh.


Happy Monday family! Soooooo....our daughter Diamond had been saving her money and working hard to buy a Laguna Blue Doll (Monster High). Well the morning of our shopping trip, the Holy Spirit led me to research this doll and I was mortified. First the history of the dolls is that they are ghouls. Google ghoul images...FRIGHTENING!! And the logo for the collection is a skull with a bow. HUH? So yeah ...the on going trend now is skulls on clothing and now on dolls. I looked up skull and confirmed that a skull is symbolic of death. And I'm suppose to let me kids wear that? #Blankstare. then the packaging itself states...Be You..Be Unique...Be a MONSTER. Now I remember my kids being the "terrible twos" and I couldn't wait til that season was over. And now they want us to encourage our children to be MONSTERS. Its not even being hidden anymore. What's really sad is someone will read this and say I'm being to radical and too holy. I will not summons death on my children because its the new hot item. If that's the case I can just create my own hot item and put that money in my own pocket. Welllllll long story short....we sat Diamond and explained to her why she couldn't buy the doll. And left the choice to her to continue or not being a part of the Monster High club at her school. And of course she cried and we understood. But two days later we made our trip to the store. She purchased a doll that we were more at eased about. And she came to us that night and thanked us for telling her the TRUTH. And the TRUTH will MAKE you FREE.


What do you say when you don't know what to say? NOTHING!!! Proverbs says a proverbial woman perceiveth her trade is profitable. Often times we fail to make good judgements of our trade offs. A good investor...invest only where he or she will get a good return. Our words are our investments....very valuable and should be weighed carefully. And just like an investor.... if you are unsure if your words are going to bring you a good return......you can walk away from the deal. Kind of like shopping for a dress....you pull it off the rack....but you're unsure if you should spend the money for it. So you put it in the basket and continue walking while you ponder. And when you make it to the register....and find you are still unsure.....put it back. NO PRESSURE. Dont allow yourself to be pressured into saying anything before its time or say something you should never say. Because in the end....like investors....when it's a good investment....all parties involved WIN!!!!!!

When I was a girl.......

When I was a girl....I remember feeling withdrawn from everyone for a season. My little sister was born and to me, she was soooo beautiful. She had silky black curly hair and I was what you would call, my mother's "experimental child" (sorry mom). So everything known to man had been tried in my hair. Perm, to curl, to a leisure curl, reverse curl, back to a perm. I was very insecure. I often felt ugly and rejected because there was a "new kids" on the block. But I found writing as my outlet. Writing was a way to express my feelings. It was a way for me to let it all out. I wrote about being happy and about being sad. Unfortunately, most girls today deal with their pain through the internet. They create identities and join social networks, some join as someone else. Then girls become absorbed and even obsessed with being connected to other people on line. This way they don't have to deal with the harsh realities of rejection. They can say whatever, type whatever, like whatever but is it really them. Are you that girl, hiding behind social media with no real outlet for your pain? "HOW'S YOUR SOCIAL LIFE" this Monday, October 1st at Girls LIFE with Lisa McClendon PILLOW TALK. If you want to join in on the topic, have questions or just want some support from some big sisters COME OUT!!! It's still not too late. Girls ages 13-18 Johnston YMCA 6:00-7:30 pm So go on..... ‘OWN TODAY. POSSESS TOMORROW.’ And remember, Your Life……..“IT’S ALL GOOD.” Romans 8:28 -Lisa McClendon-Brailsford Founder/Girls LIFE with Lisa McClendon About Lisa As an International Recording Artist, Lisa McClendon, is no stranger to the music world. This Stellar and Dove award nominee arrived on the music scene in 2002, with her debut release, My Diary, Your Life. With an encompassing mission to help girls overcome the challenges of life by the word of her testimony, Lisa McClendon has mastered the ability to captivate her audience through the marriage of her music and her message. Using visual presentation, and relevant yet humorous stories, Lisa delves into topics like molestation, rejection, premarital sex and low self- esteem. To learn more about Girls LIFE with Lisa McClendon, visit the NEW www.GirlsLIFEWorld.com


Sooooooooo.......I'm back home from Philly aaaaannnnndddd I MISSED MY FAMILY!!!! But I'm not writing about that. So I am excited about this new album INVISIBLE. Dave and I worked really hard in the studio last week. The BIGGEST Challenge was the fact that I didn't have full voice. I was sooooo frustrated because I had been preparing for this week for weeks now and NO FULL VOICE. Soooo we walked into the studio with all kind of stupid challenges and once we finally settled in we both were a little discouraged. Dave was down about his inability to create at that time and I was just HOT that I didn't have full voice. THEN The voice of the Lord said TOO MUCH FLESH. He reminded me of Gideon. And how Gideon began to depend on Flesh to win his battles. And how God came to him and pretty much said too much FLESH. And Gideon did a test to see who should stay and who should leave. And after two test Gideon was left with 300 men. I looked at Dave and said God is telling me we are depending on flesh. There are too many blessings. God's greatest victories were through remnants. So we stop thinking about ourselves and offered our remnants to the Lord. My jacked up voice and Dave's half of creative brain. LOL. and God got the glory. When we were done we could hardly believe our ears. Only God could have brought forth such greatness. We truly understand that we could take no glory. So I want to encourage you what ever God has called you to do stop worry about your abilities. God gets the glory in your lack. Offer Unto God what you have and he will take care of the rest. I love you family. Rockstar now available on iTunes. Blessings, Lisa

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Hello everyone!!

The question was asked have I retired. The answer is NO!! LOL!! I just changed locations. My new official website is now www.LisaMcClendonmusic.com. So welcome to my ReVERBnation site but don't forget to join me also at my new site.

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