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New Songs, Festivals and the Latest

Almost a year since I added to this blog and a lot has happened since. Trying to fill the drummers seat took some time and was worth the wait. Several months back, we added Jeffrey Damon Lindsey, better known as Wormy, to our group. Jeff is a great addition to the band and our music and we are grateful that he is now, not only a part of Bellflower, but also our friend. Very soon, we will have some new, original music for you to hear. Natasha and I have been writing and working on new songs for almost a year and all of us can't wait for you to hear what we have coming out in the near future. We are busy now in the studio, with Bongo John and his expertise, recording our first album. We know we have a collection of songs put together that we enjoy and we think that you will too. We have two new songs coming soon and the rest to follow by the end of the year. In the meantime, see you at Elderberry Festival and then in September at Carrboro Music Festival. A few other places too, I'm sure. Peace. Music is best, Franklin. Follow us on Twitter @BellFlowerMusic Like us on Facebook at Bellflowermusic. Bellflowermusic@gmail.com

Shows and News

Bellflower had our second practice today from the Caveman Ranch in Bahama with drummer, Bam Bam. So cool how his power amps up everything! We have some upcoming shows so get out your calenders and keep these dates open to groove with Bellflower: The Cave at 452 West Franklin St. Chapel Hill NC. Saturday, September 21. Showtime is 7pm Cornwall Country Club- A private shindig with our friends in the beautiful Granville County countryside. Playing alongside Mimi's Pork Destroyers! Saturday, September 28. Showtimes TBA The Dead Mule Club, 303 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill NC. Saturday, October 12. Showtime 8:00pm. We are hitting the porch at the Dead Mule. Come get your Scotch and groove on with us. We've been looking forward to this one. Thanks go to Matt and to all the Mulers! Have fun sometime!

Bellflowers are in Bloom

It's been great hearing from old friends and making new ones since getting the band pages up on Reverbnation and Facebook! We hope to have some new original tunes up for you to hear before too long. We've got a couple or three new songs that we're excited about. The best of the lot just may be To The End, written by Natasha! We've had a chance to play it out three times now and it stays stuck in my head! A good sign. We've also been taking our sweet time in adding a drummer to the group. It seems that maybe the stars are aligning in our favor and we hope to make an announcement on the latest member of Bellflower in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for the views and the plays and to everyone that has given their support to our band and our music! Next time you're on Facebook, please go like us at Bellflowermusic and tell a friend to do the same!

Music is Best, Franklin

Facebook Page Is Up

Find us on Facebook at Bellflowermusic! If you have any pics of the band or any you would like to share, send away!

Hillsborough Hospitality

Billsborough was a blast! Hard to say what was more fun, playing the stage or partying afterward! Looking forward to getting back there soon, Our thanks to Bill West and the invaluable Bob Hartford. Thanks to those that came to support Bellflower!

Practice? I mean...practice?!

We've spent the spring and summer rehearsing and playing some great shows. Now spending more time writing new songs and gearing up to record a few. See you at the next show!