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Why pluck one string when you can strum the guitar?

Simple update for everyone - D'Vonna, Julian, and myself (Joslyn) have been in the writing/recording process for a little over a month now. Honestly, since we've been playing shows non-stop for over a year promoting our previous album, we've taken full advantage of this much-needed breather. As teenagers/young-adults, the stresses of school, extra-curriculars, and the business side of music can really drag a lot out of us, but not enough to stifle the endless motivation we have. We are determined to make this next record one that no one will forget. Thank you for keeping an eye on what we are doing despite the lack of social media interaction. We promise to keep you in the loop. -Odd & Grey


Last weekend, we played at The White Rabbit alongside Invision Love and a bunch of other local bands that were truly impressive. As we play more and more gigs, it becomes evident- the things we want to do to increase and develop our sound. I got to play a floor tom for the first time ever onstage that night. It felt incredible. We want to incorporate more percussive type elements into our music in order to get that much closer to the type of band we want to be. Now is the time to try things out, hopefully we'll find what we're looking for. -Joslyn

More shows MORE SHOWS!!!!

Last night at The Korova was so much fun. I feel like I am finally finding my onstage persona. There's a part mid-set where we bust out the ukulele, and it is absolutely energizing. Dancing about and telling stories and just acting like a happy little fool makes certain of this music dream we are pursuing. We've written a ton more songs, just hope the fans will love them as much as we do.. and even if they don't care much, oh well, we love them. We're very much happy at this point in time. I know that I am. -Joslyn

"We're just getting started.."

After our most recent performance playing the event known as First Friday in our hometown of San Antonio, we have decided to really get serious about our music and playing shows. People usually walk in and out, only glancing at our shy movements- but something about us made a few stick around. Those few requested to hear our original songs, and afterwards, asked us rather personal questions. We felt connected to these people in some way simply based on their eager interest in what we do as individuals. This is why we play music. This is why we write songs. We wish to be heard and seen, and to make an impact on the lives of our fans- as we gain more and more. Thank you so much for providing us this opportunity. -Joslyn

Commercial Free Project
Commercial Free Project  (about 4 years ago)

awesome i hope to hear more from yall in the future best of wishes from cfp