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How bad do you want it?

Over the span of my music life, I told myself that I wanted music to be my career. At times my attitude was highly positive, and at other times I felt the harsh reality of the trials and tribulations associated with the daily grind. Yet one question I ask myself even now: "How bad do I want it?"

I have come to understand that I am a procrastinator and a complainer, however I also understand that I am quite talented and creative. In the end, it is my attitude more than anything that allows me to decide from one moment to next, whether to climb up, or slide down.

This is my very first blog. It has taken me almost 6 years to compete this task. It only took me 6 minutes to type it - but it took me 6 years to sit down and DECIDE to actually do it. Yes I am slightly embarrassed to admit; yet I feel overwhelmingly accomplished that I not only started it...I also completed it.

How bad do you want it? When you get told NO, how will you respond? Will you take every "NO" and place it into your engine that drive you forward, or will you link each "NO" together like a chain and hang it around your neck causing you to be paralyzed? How bad do you want it?

I want to know how bad you want it. Respond if you will.