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Album Review from Blue Suede News - By Jim Hilmar

Liam Fitzgerald And The Rainieros / Bad Decisions, Big Mistakes And Other Fan Favorites/ Hypnolab

I love songs written and played in the style of the golden age of hillbilly music (for me that’s the 1940’s to the 1960’s). And Liam Fitzgerald And The Rainieros definitely perform and record in that style. Liam is a fine songwriter and his tunes have some great hooks and tag lines. This CD revisits several songs The Rainieros recorded a few years ago – and the results breathe new life into those songs. The 15 songs feature recording styles and arrangements from two periods spanning the golden age of hillbilly music: the early to mid 1960’s country sound and the stripped down honky tonk/hillbilly style of the 1950’s. The wide spectrum stereo mixes on the first 10 songs (engineered and produced by Johnny Mercury) have a 1960’s style and sound mighty fine to my ears. The instruments are well placed and the vocals sit in the mixes very nicely. Some of my favorite numbers include “Walkin’ & Talkin’” (very good vocal and a nice guitar solo from Liam and some nice steel work courtesy of John Hyde), “Bad Decisions, Big Mistakes” (Phil Slusher’s drum work really pushes this along and there’s some nice fiddle from Greg Canote too), “Flash In The Pan” (Liam’s fun Grady Martin style guitar parts percolate through this one) and “I Got No Way Home” (a 1960’s honky tonk style number with a small Django Reinhardt ‘quote’ in Liam’s solo). There are five songs that are very much 1950’s honky tonk/hillbilly (engineered and produced by Jonathan Stuart). These songs have a terrific warm sound and very effective sparse arrangements that feature some nice steel guitar (from Kevin Campion) and guitar work (from Liam). I like “Flash In The Pan” (this moderately uptempo version is a nice toe tapper), “I Got No Way Home” (with nicely sympathetic guitar and steel guitar work from Liam and Kevin), “Walkin’ & Talkin’” (featuring some close harmony guitar and steel guitar backing) and “Blackout” (with catchy muted picking and a tastefully understated guitar solo). As I like to say on my radio show – Bad Decisions, Big Mistakes is a Frettin’ Fingers Favorite! cdbaby.com/cd/liamfitzgeraldandtherain - Jim Hilmar


Liam Fitzgerald and the Rainieros play original honky tonk, western swing, and country and western songs. Liam Fitzgerald is the song writer for the band. They have played all over the Northwest and have even ventured out to Montana, Utah, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Northern California.