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cheezburger at 3am

Cold stone sober and rabid for a wataburger 😋

Sabatical ":(

I've been sick and absent for so e time...sorry guys. I have diabetes, and even though I try like hell to take care of myself, I get shot down from time to time. Feeling a little better now. Christy sais hye and she loves you guys .. ":) Me too ":)

Much Apologies

Please stay on top of the flu this year guys and gals please ":) Sean has recently been really sick with the flu but slowly bouncing back he is. Please forgive us not doing too much online. It's been tumultuous but we're getting back on track. We're going to release a CD for Xmas too all of our fans and Musicians/Friends -please subscibe if anyone hasn't so i can ledger everyone on the docket for a free CD. We miss all of you so much. oh -ps: Christy is finishing up on a new Xmas song that we will bonus on to every CD. She's really amazing, i'm telling you...one of the best lyricists i have ever worked with.


When the world seems like one big special container that holds all those special people...when Drawing a nut check actually seems like a good idea...When the candy coating wears off revealing the real poop of a deal ...i fall asleep hoping for a better day.

Production Moves Ahead

Christy and i both are working on some new media Music Videos.

Devil Inside with Sean Wayne Hill and Christy Andrews

We're expanding to the four corners of our minds and writing tons of new material!! please check us out. https://soundcloud.com/sean-sundog/unknown-album-3-22-2013-9-14