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Miracle is instantly. Healing is progressive. Someone asked me once if I wanted a miracle or Healing, and I said "I want a Miracle". And that is exactly what I received, a creative Miracle from God, it shall be done unto us according to our Faith. Thank you Jesus for your Gift of Life.. My God is the same yesterday today and forever, do you believe?

Is a New Day

What are we doing with the new oportunities the Lord is giving to us? Sometimes we think we are doing great in our lives, work, ministries, families, and that we don't need anybody else to come and be an intruder, but I have come to realized that God sees what we don't see, and when we though we were okay, He says: I have much more for you to learn, so you can grow in the new things I have for you to get you to your destiny. And then a New Day is given to us, to do exactly what He has for us. So if a door is open to us, lets put away our pride and humbly open it and walk in it. Is certainly a New Day. All things are passed away, all things are new.

Give Thanks

I give thanks to God for the many people He has placed in my life through out the years. I am grateful for their love, support and care. I have two families, my physical and spiritual. They are so important to me, without them my growth would have been stumped. This season don't forget to thank those people in your life that has made a difference in your walk . Is time to share to those in need, and pour out love to the unloved, the same as your Father in Heaven has given His unconditional Love. Open your arms and embrace Life. Give and it shall be given to you. Peace.