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"Changing your Paradigm"

Hey everyone, I've decided to start a weekly blog. It will serve many purposes. I'll be blogging about any and every subject that is going on with me , as well as interesting issues going on in the world and my opinion on books that I read. Share them with your friends and family if you feel the need. Thanks in advance!

So I just started reading this book by Steven Covey. It seem to be a very popular book, but it's new to me. It's called "The 7 Habits of Highly effective people"

So far, it's extremely interesting and mind opening. Before getting into the "7 habits", Covey talks about changing your paradigm. Your paradigm is the way you see things. Your opinion based on previous experience and upbringing. Covey makes a point, that we always want change but won't put in the proper work to make complete change. We want that "quick fix". In order to change your situation, you must change your paradigm. For example, If you're a business owner or even just a manager, and are having problems with employees giving their best effort for the company , instead of doing the bare minimum for a pay check. You must show them the importance of their role, rather than give them a zero tolerance, "we don't need you, because we'll just hire someone else" speech. Changing your paradigm is seeing the good in your current situation. If your car has a horrible paint job, just remember, it get's you where you need to go. Let's embrace the positive y'all. You'll feel much better! Until then, I look forward to MANY more blogs on this book. Thanks for taking the time to read!



As an instrumental musician,i find it a bit more complicated than others to build my fan base. People today don't listen to instrumental music as much as the past because it doesn't have lyrics. Personally, I don't sing or do anything vocal and don't plan to. So what can I do to gain the interest of typical "pop music" listeners?

Millie Dee
Millie Dee  (over 6 years ago)

Just saw this post.

V, many, many people have asked the same question. As a vocalist I can tell you that people don't listen to music IN GENERAL. Taking the time to write a proper lyric or compose an instrumental masterpiece can go completely unnoticed by a fan base that no longer 'craves' talent. I miss musicians. Radio doesn't even require a band to back an audience. Tv doesn't require a band either. Too often it's a computer generated game. My suggestion is that artists need to stick together and create their own showcases. Each town should have an annual showcase. I'm not sure why DFW isn't more organized in the sense (HOB is trying...mad props)
Anyhoo...that's my twelve cents. Keep doing you and somehow we will rise above the fray.

midnight4440  (about 6 years ago)

Stick with what you do best...play.The fans you gather will be loyal, because they will come to your shows, or buy your music because of you. It just may take a bit longer to gather inst.fans, but we're out here. Good luck, hope to see one of your performances soon.