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About M.I.A.3

orn on the south side of Chicago, Isaac T. Akins III, known musically as M.I.A.3, grew up in the glory days of Hip Hop music and culture. “The first tape I ever owned was L.L. Cool J’s Bigger and Deffer. I’ve been hooked ever since.” His family moved to Atlanta, GA in the early 80’s, where he spent all of his adolescent years, and began rhyming and embracing the culture of Hip Hop. M.I.A.3 started emceeing in the lunchroom with his middle school crew in the early 90's, ran off the bus to sit in front of the TV to watch Ed Lover and Dr. Dre on Yo.. MTV Raps every day, and never left the crib without a pen and a pad all of his high school years. "I've come to the conclusion that I've always been in love with Hip Hop, but I never really understood how much it influenced every area of my life until that love started to conflict with my faith. I had to make a choice whether I was going to love God more and let Him show me how to love and serve Hip Hop the right way, or keep doing me and miss the bigger picture. That's why I write, why I still emcee, and I'm telling you I've never been as dedicated and skilled at the art of rhyming as I have been since I gave the gift over to God." Now more seasoned and mature in the art of rhyming, MIA3 looks to prove that not only can he hold his own with the best artists out there, but also feed the world a message that will turn their hearts and minds to the Creator. His lyrical gift and abilities to switch styles and emotions from track to track proves that this man is a true star, and destined to change the world through his music.