Rocktapus CD

We've been working on a CD and learning a whole new set of tunes.

Always carry a spare

Nothing can be more nerve racking than having your amp crap out during a gig. My "trusty" Marshall DSL had a problem with the power rocker switch...argh! The house sound guy had a spare Marshall head, tried that- ouch! Some how it bypassed the volume knob; full on intermittent. OK, Bill always carries a spare (but he hasn't used it in years) we plug it....crackle, snap, pop! Now what? Well, I race home to fetch my Twin Reverb, only to be stuck in 580 traffic crawling at 20 mph....it makes me an hour late. Good thing Bill improvised while I was gone.

Rocktapus at R Place

Rocktapus will debut at R Place this Saturday evening November 30 at 6 PM,come out and support your local rock band.