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- Posted by CovertCrew on Thursday, November 3 2011

Hey - We will see ya at Czars in St Joseph this Saturday! 21+.

Check out the new November and December shows we just booked at Churchills in Flint - Both Wednesday's - one on the 23rd of Nov...Thanksgiving Eve! The other is Dec 21 - our Christmas Party!

Churchills is GREAT for vibage and fan happiness! 18+ $7/10

Love ya!

Oh, the new album! DETAILS: -- Posted by CovertCrew on Thursday, October 27 2011

Hi. Happy Halloweener. It has been a while since we have discussed the new album so why not ramble a bit, eh?

The process is amazingly slow. We layed all the tracks in Januray of 2011 and yea - we are still mixing it. Some tunes we cut and will not be making their appearance on this one, and one or two will be re-cut. Even further, some new tunes will be recorded and if they come out good, could make their appearance on the album too. If I told you all the names, you wouldnt be surprised - so there!

Alastair has been spending one or two days a week at Magnetic mixing the album. He and Mark are going through great lengths tweeking EQ and levels. GREAT DETAILS. So far, the album is shaping up nicely. It is strange hearing pieces 10 months old and listening to how they have changed and evolved over time. Yea, our live performance of these tunes is the culprit of change, and that is OK. Recordings are simply documentations of a performance at that time. If we never improved, where would we go?

The album art is done. Thank you Scott L. Abbott from IN. Great job! Who knows when we will be done with this project but it will be refreshing to have a product with the new line-up. That is for sure! Our first album is out of stock and the second one is slowly selling its way around the Mid-West. Funds are very low presently, so an actual vinyl release is doubtful. :(

Also, stay tuned for new merchandise. It is coming soon and will compliment the cooler climate. Thank you beautiful Covert Fam! Have a safe and wonderful Halloween. Spend it with the fam and drive safe at night - there is nothing scarier that the red and blue monsters in your rear view mirror.