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Return To Autumn

Just got back to reverb. Uploaded new track "Don't Take Much". Been away working on tracks and there is more to come this fall. Love

2016 Update

Just dropped "What They Came For"... Getting back to my roots a lil. Got alot of songs in the works right now, and this year could turn out better than last. I'll keep yaw posted and let you know what's coming next. Also, check out DubOGz on reverb.

After The Rain

Just uploaded "When It's After The Rain"... Looking to drop a new one on Dub O.G.z... #DecemberDubOGz

December Remember!!!

I'm trying to make this the biggest month of the year musically.... New track dropped & new one next week. Let's get it

Forever Grinding

I'm about a week late, but better late then never. Invented the Wheel is up and After the Rain is on it's way up. Side note, Shotty Horroh vs Tony D. instant classic.

Daylyt Vs. Chilla Jones

All I can say is "Bar Fest"... Damn, it has to be considered a classic. Both of 'em came with nothing but bars. I'm a big Daylyt fan, and at first thought he was gonna kill him, but Chilla got them schemes that make your head wanna explode. I aint even gonna try to pick a winner. I recommend everyone watch this match. Hollar!

Loaded vs. Hollow (My Opinion)

Saw the match and I have to say that both of them brought their "A" game. Lux put on a entertaining show with the Black Panther scheme. Hollow brought that raw real shit. In my opinion Hollow took it 2-1. Both of them are still in their prime & I can't wait to see who they choose to go up against next.

UW Battle League

Check out what's going on in the UW Battle League. http://uwbattleleague.com/


Can't wait to see this Loaded Lux vs. Hollow Da Don match up. Two G's ret to do battle. Arsonal put together a tight ass card. Calicoe is gonna kick Tsu Surfs ass… haha

Real Talk!!!

I listened to some of these cats from the HBG. And at the end of the day, I believe they can't fuck wit me. So how the hell I go from two to three. Maybe cause reverberation is scared of me. Real Talk. I'm fucking number 1 & anybody who doubts that can suck a dick.