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Spring in southern California

New York has been pretty nice since I flew to California for recording preparations. But the air is really something else here. Everywhere you go it smells like jasmine and Hyacinth, Exotic plants are embellishing your every step; succulents cover cliffs and stony dry earth together with huge cactuses like out of a western movie. The best thing on earth is nature, earth nature, balance and serenity. All things that we miss a little in New York City, but California has its drawbacks. Just go to a restaurant, try the food and listen to the people. See the indifference to jazz and Lydian influenced flamenco licks and be shocked by the applause for covers all in the same night and the musician resigning from giving his best, and becoming an entity of a restaurant, with no comments from the audience. No New Yorker would do that! We are serious about music and good or bad, we say it and appreciate it in our own perceptive way. After all there is a lot of good art and music around in NYC and we are used to it. If only we had that scent filled air of paradise and a little less noise to go with our cultural treasures ;-)