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New Year's, Cold Beers

Hello to our fiendish fans! Us boys from The Stevedores just wanted to say hello as we have been busy hording wood for this already long winter; the quinzee is hard to keep warm. But we want all you to keep warm this New Year's Eve while drinking some moonshine and dancing to your favourite Stevedores' tracks. See ya all in 2014! Chop, chop, chop...

We belong in The Zoo

The Stevedores will be mushing to Innisfail tonight to play with the slick rockers Sin Twister from Stettler. It's their new album release party, so come and check it out. It's at The Zoo, so let's get primitive.

Damn Paparazzi!

Some loudmouth released the fact that The Stevedores may be heading to Calgary to watch the Digital Winter show tonight at The D. And now the Paparazzi are hounding us again. Thanks loudmouth! See ya'll at The D (222 7th St. SW, downtown Calgary), anyways! We will be trading pelts for pints again so bring a 50!

Debut album...in the works

We have heard the cries from our fiendish fans. We will be recording our debut album over the infective month of December. D.W. has been buried in some leatherwork (mostly tanning hides), so he has little time to play any types of games with Kirk. But the fun will begin soon with some fresh moonshine, some venison jerky and the recording booth. So, stop sending us smoke signals, the record is coming. The Stevedores t-shirts are nearly gone. Get yours soon if you care to look cool in the holiday photos at the in laws!

Muskrat jackets?

The weather is moving in rapidly here in the mountains. The lean-to is currently being replaced by our annual igloo, but DW is still hogging all the blankets. Time for muskrat jackets! Are any fans of The Stevedores interested in muskrat Stevedores patches or jackets? Order soon...

Captured, drugged and probed (just not in that order)

The Stevedores were taken hostage over the weekend by a bizarre bunch of extra terrestrial beings. As strange the experience was for the boys, they did get to see a wicked concert played by members of the alien clan. Some creeps who called themselves Digital Winter. Go check out the video from the show: http://youtu.be/AyPtdJ3UqxM

Video link

Here's the right video from Cranbrook. Go Stevedores! http://youtu.be/3M1HUN_UFFc Go watch the Lost Harbinger video too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0bRc4ea8Yw

Stettler, somewhere east

Hello all you animals heading to the 8th Annual PumpkinHeadbanger's Ball in Stettler tonight! Fear not, The Stevedores have successfully finished another caribou hunt, so meat will be plentiful tonight, so will our new t-shirts! Who needs one?

Piggy Palace

The Stevedores having been saving a couple new songs for the Cranbrook Crew. New stuff coming, friends. And, of course, The Stevedores will be playing the B.C.-based tune, Piggy Palace (figure it out on your iPhone). See ya'll soon!

Lost Harbinger

Growing up on the eastern slopes of the Rockies has certainly toughened up The Stevedores, at least physically. But emotionally, they are frail. And heavy metal scares them; all the hair and mean faces. It kind of reminds them of their pal Sasquatch. But Lost Harbinger seem to be a nice bunch of boys. Check 'em out, The Stevedores are playing with them on Oct. 26 (formerly known as Dying by the Day): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t17tmWNwjF4