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Music Killed a Computer

Not my day today neither.... computer which I have used for storing all my music data broke down this morning. First sign was strange smell of burning components and soon after that blank screen and no power. Too heavy sounds in my music? "Music Killed a Computer", nice name for a track.... :)

Luckily first esitmates are that files can be recovered but this will take some days at least. Arghh. Today goes totally in other tasks as planned. Not nice but try to to smile to this afterwards. Keep smile!

Learning By Doing and Competition

It is quite easy to make a mess while several versions of tracks on computer. Just recognized that have uploaded poor sound quality version of "Feel the Sun" to ReverbNation.

Especially bass in this version is very weak and has an effect to whole track. Will be able to replace with correct version within some days when promoting campaign is over (technically not possible before). Hopefully no listeners before that ;) Luckily proper version in all other sites!

Learning by doing. Have to be more carefull in the future and not to make SAME MISTAKES again.

Just for easy competition please visit www.lieonheartofficial.com and you will be able to find Lie On Heart's new footer slogan. Everyone who email this footer slogan to lieonheart.official@gmail.com 11.08.2013 latest will get a link to new unrelaesed track as a preliminary taster. Hopefully will get at least one reply! :)

Lie On Heart finally also in ReverbNation!

Finally updated info on Lie On Heart to ReverbNation pages and looks good so far! This is my first blog message but hopefully more in the future.

Currently working with new track and should be ready within some weeks. Not sure when will release officially but at the moment it seems that will be during September.

Keep in touch!