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Testimonials from JMM concert

Testimonials Via Web Site: Brent opens for John Michael Montgomery M3Live Anaheim

Unbelievable performance by an artist we have never heard of. This boy had the audience in the palm of his hand the entire time. I have only been captivated like that 3 times in my life and did not expect that at a John Michael Montgomery concert. We as well as many others are now fans of Brent Payne

The Martinez Family

M3Live was Rockin' last night. We went to see John Michael Montgomery and were left in awe by Brent Payne.

The venue is really set up nice for concerts however the sound was not that great but the entertainment by this guy was exceptional!

His band was one of the best I have heard in awhile. They were really all good showman.

Thank you M3Live for introducing the country scene to Anaheim we need more quality like this!

We understand that Brent is a local artist so we hope to see more of him in the future!

William May, Sherry, Lisa, Bobby, Doug

Brent you should be ashamed of yourself for stealing the hearts of so many woman Mmmmm you look fabulous!

I hate to say this but you should have been the main attraction. Your show was energetic, funny,

and your choice of music was really very nice. We think the sound could have been better but the show was amazing.

Thank you for taking pictures with my son you were very sweet.

Dude you are insane! Mountain Music was killer. My wife's friends almost jumped out of their boots when you picked up your violin.

Best rendition of that song since Alabama. Where do you perform? Why have we not heard of you before? You ROCK!

Great venue by the way for country music we loved it. Let us know where you will be we will be there!

Jim and Mary-Ellen and crazy friends!

I am a retired Vietnam Vet and I wanted to thank you for your acknowledgment to all of our men and women

who have served and are still serving. You brought tears to my eyes when you started talking about us and

your sincerity behind the words. May God Bless you and your efforts and what you bring to country music.

The red, white, and blue guitar was really cool and your show was five star!

Dean Hopkins and family

I was truly awestruck by the performance of this opening act for JMM WOW! The introduction reminded me of Elvis in Las Vegas

but with a country flare. From the moment he stepped on stage our eyes were glued on this guy.

Thank you for what you do for so many Brent. Don't be a stranger to Anaheim we love country music when it's as tasty as yours!

We purchased several of your CDs and will be looking for you.

Midnight Prayer

The HMMA has nominated another song from Brent Payne's library. This one is a true story of a Honkytonk encounter with a traditional flare! Rhythm that goes deep and keeps your attention on the chorus line. The dancers will be buffing the floor and boot scootin' when this hits the speakers!

Copperhead Road

Brent has been nominated for another HMMA at this years award show in Hollywood. Best Country Song for Copperhead Road. Brent is very honored to even be in the mix with the other great artists.