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hope is free

arrive gladly, gloating, surrounded, atrocities. telling to spy on the pale, the weaker, light on your feet you must be. direct but cloaked, clouded, dazzled with lust to live, to ride the widest narration of hit hip lip, brick built corridors. spill bullets, bill the banks, walk the planks, spread the melodic pull of no direction, of arrow headed nowhere. did someone for us, for me, please call time out.. colossal queues, dependant children, hated loves, Webb spun injectors, collectors, family investigators, idle collaborators, just a short walk needed to take, to see. flesh looting, given, forgiven, ambition, living, tide of opinion, but send the hope of barbecued brown autumn,looking in black mirrors, visions, blank or sacred behind electric hurricane lamps, with whisker picking overtime, sombre thoughts are born, step out from the glare, from jealous scorn, when borrowed minds are allergic to a pragmatic view of you, ill tell myself and everybody else, less bitterness. they'll iron out your seams, melt all your dreams, burn all your steam into the air, saying its a sin to be a drunk before you get to paradise, well what if we get there? what are we going to do if we get there? may i suggest we drink and celebrate, make love and celebrate, just sing and celebrate, because we got there.

toby connor - july 2013 after writing, touring, recording, and fronting the paris riots, playing in L.A, all over the UK & europe, at benacassim, the hop farm, glastonbury as well as headlining countless independent festivals and venues, toby connor has started a solo project.

toby's unique voice and playing style lends itself to his new, powerful, dynamic, honest, journeyed sound. his lyrics encompass the whole package and are reminiscent of a bygone era his style more 60's american beat poet than his south yorkshire origins would suggest. toby has been playing intimate warm up shows across north london .

toby finished writing and recording his first album at soup studios in december 2012 with drummer scott thompson (finlay quay, garda) and bassist allan marks. the songs remain raw and heartfelt, the voice, guitar and lyrics take centre stage. it was recorded "live" with a small team of collaborators, inviting the listener to experience the energy of a live set. dan williams joined the band soon afterwards on lead guitar and the album, entitled " the truth of the matter is" was launched 6th june 2013. fresh from two lively shows at glastonbury and lubstock festival toby connor and his band are preparing for their biggest show yet; supporting status quo at rochester castle on 17th july……

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"toby is arguably the best singer gigging in london at present. his heartfelt songs are full of soul and every person who has been at one of his gigs shuts up and listens. his voice is full of emotion, raw but incredibly tuneful and controlled. he is going to be all over bigger venues soon so see him up close whilst you can."

kate cazenove A&R lubstock festival

"toby's talent just keep growing with every note he plays and with every song written.  one of the great soon-to-become superstars out there."

jon leshay president/founder storefront entertainment

"working with toby should be on everyone's list of things to do before they die...his unique voice and poetic songwriting reinvigorates the soul and reminds us that true artists still exist in the music industry. nobody is more dedicated to his work than toby and after filming him in the studio for two days, he resembled an endurance runner treating a marathon like a sprint. on top of all this the fucker is handsome and charming, a complete package. music is not a choice for toby, it is toby."

mike welch,  prisoner productions 

"I never met a toby that I didn't like" kimya dawson

Contact: sam@tobyconnor.com 07989 965 883