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New Song

Check out our first original song "Come and Get'Em" on Reverbnation!! - leave us a comment there!!!

New Things Coming!!!

We here at Southern Accent have some very cool new changes coming - stay tuned!!!! -- the Band format is changing and we're super STOKED about it!!!! New format and new original songs are coming!!!!!

Southern Accent now on Reverbnation

We at Southern Accent would love to send out a huge “thank you” to everyone who has made this possible thus far.

To all you “Southern Drawls” out there who have supported us at live shows giving us the recognition we needed to make it this far.

Our goal is to become the Premier party band for any public, private, or corporate gig that anyone books live music for – we want to be the band that turned down the gig if someone else is playing for it. It will take all of you to make that possible – share the site with your friends – tell your company and anyone else you may know that books live music. Then and only then, as the “buzz” grows can we become what we’ve set out to acheive.

What does it take?

So someone asked me today – why haven’t you played here or why haven’t you played there. We’ve been working on booking live shows for the past month or so while recording for the new website and EPK (electronic press kit). Here’s the reality, unless you have a EPK or “demo cd” to hand out to venues they simply will not book you without hearing what you sound like first.

The music business as a whole has changed during these tough economic times, especially on the local front. A venue (bar, festival, company) just doesn’t want to book anyone who they think can’t draw their own crowd to offset the priced paid for the band in food or drink sales – this is why we took two months off during the “busy season” for live bands. We had to lay some tracks – some of our favorite tunes from live shows to throw out to venues to prove that we’re as good as our fans say we are. Are we really that good? I don’t know – but we have a lot of fun playing for you guys and truly pour our heart and souls into playing every live gig that we get a chance to play at!!