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RenegadeRadio.net Review of "Objects of My Affection"

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 July 2011 15:32 Written by Kelv Hellrazer Saturday, 30 July 2011 11:50 http://www.renegaderadio.net/network/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=272:object-of-my-affection-the-bright&catid=35:dallas-indie-news From the ashes of Superstring, I recognised this troupes potential. Their e.p cover shouted semi-goth but the music was pure melody. It needed tweaking yes, but something jumped out at you. The talents of Julie Lange are obvious straight away then you dig deeper and Kell Curtis' edge like delights, Miguel Fairs hauntingly powerful bass fills and keys and superb production pop rock your ass into another dimension. 2008's "In Lucid Dreams" screamed we need to be in the UK on The Jonathan Ross Show and later with Jools Holland. I compared it to Tami Show, a little known Illinois band. Vocalist Julie Lange reminds one of Massey sisters. That was me tryin to get them into the AOR melodic rock market. "Cemetery Street" and "Almost Maybe" were the shizz on a most surprising debut that i thought couldn't be bettered. 2011 and "OOMA" opens up a whole new market for them. The musicianship of say Missing Persons is evident on pop supremo opener "Save The Night". Dale Bozzio type quirkiness in Julie Langes voice on a song that has mass appeal that Missing Persons lacked. "Deep Fall" is my song of the Year with just fabulous haunting keys from Eric Jenkins Bright's secret weapon and producer. Think Kate Bush, Amy Lee, Tori Amos with Bigger hair and ya got the amazing Julie Lange. With rythymic Zep overtones supplied by killler rhythm section of Taylor Tatsch, the aforementioned Fair and Robert Yahne. "Carry On" is a monster only just losing out to "Deep Fall" in the smash hit single stakes."Hearts" reeks Petty and MTV 80s guitar work circa The Edge meets mark knopfler. From Curtis, "Charmed" is fantastic quirky pop a 2011 Missing Persons meeting Lena Lovich in a dark alley. "Catch My Love" is superb pop, driven by Eric Jenkins Keyboards whilst "Imagination Overload" is Blondie meets the sorely missed Shandi, possibly Langes premiere performance on this cd. Kate Bush style balladry of "Diving For Stars" is glorious as is follower "You Will Love Again" Julie screams style icon whilst the band reach absolute pop perfection on this cd, lp of the year ...ye , ambulance chasers are gonna be a plenty comin ..nee naw. My new fave band and i sleep in my Bright t shirt Kelv Hellrazer

August 10, 2011 Dallas Morning News Review of "Objects of My Affection"

CD Review by Mario Tarradell of The Dallas Morning News Artist: The Bright Album: Objects of My Affection Grade: A - Label: The Bright Music Dreamy pop takes melodic rock for a wind-swept drive down an open road on Objects of My Affection, the second full-length disc by Arlington band the Bright. Tracks such as the intoxicatingly catchy "Over and Over" and the ethereal ballads "Diving for Stars" and "When I'm Lost" instantly draw the sonic parameters of this group fronted by captivating vocalist Julie Lange. For sheer punch, click over to "10 Hearts" and "Save the Night." This is beautiful, entrancing stuff.

August 3rd, 2011 Fort Worth Star Telgram / DFW.com CD Review for "Objects"

Five new local albums make for a welcome summer soundtrack Article By Preston Jones Posted 10:45am on Wednesday, Aug. 03, 2011 I could spout off some weary cliché about how the unrelenting heat outside correlates with the persistent sizzle in the local music scene, but you're probably starting to sense it for yourself. Call it critical mass, call it an exceptionally strong year, call it something in the North Texas water supply, but local musicians, from Fort Worth to Dallas to Denton and all points in between, aren't slowing their output a bit as 2011 rockets past the halfway point. The bands are wonderfully varied, and the albums present an almost kaleidoscopic take on the world around the musicians. Here are five new efforts well worth your time and trouble (although I'd recommend cranking them up somewhere air-conditioned with a tall, cool beverage in hand). The Bright Objects of My Affection The sextet spread out between Dallas and Fort Worth continues to demonstrate its scary knack for delivering a series of songs that would feel right at home in heavy rotation. Anchored by TCU grad Julie Lange's warm, lovely voice and the interlocking rhythm section (bassist Miguel Fair and drummer Robert Yahne), these sleek tunes sound as though they cost about 20 times what they did. There are undercurrents of angst (Deep Fall) and flickers of '80s guitar pop evident (the gloriously retro 10 Hearts might be one of my favorite songs of the year) throughout the record, which, in a just world, would catapult this outfit to a high-profile career.

The Bright's song "Almost Maybe" is closing song of The Hills Season 5 Ep. 1

Yep, that's our song creating a tear jerking soundscape in the closing of season 5 episode 1. "Almost Maybe" is on our full length album "In Lucid Dreams" and can be purchased on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster or Amazon.

For more info, pics, video etc... go to our myspace site at www.myspace.com/thebrightband

The Bright in Fort Worth Star Telegram Feature Story

The Bright has been featured in the Fort Worth Star Telegram's Feature Story: "Today's performers make music, and their own buzz. These days, performers are not only creating songs, but also their own marketing strategies." to view the story go to: http://www.dfw.com/164/story/80125.html

The Bright Featured in MTV's The Hills - Season 4

Songs from The Bright's "In Lucid Dreams" album have been featured in MTV's The Hills - season 4: "Cemetery Street" in episode 16 (17 min mark), "I've Got a Feeling" in episode 18 (9:45 min mark) and "Almost Maybe" in episode 20 (16:45 min mark) - go to: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/the_hills/series.jhtml?extcmp=SEO_SSP_Y to view the episodes and to purchase songs from the album search "The Bright" "In Lucid Dreams" in iTunes.