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The Hardway is on an indefinate hiatus!

I would like to thank our friends and fans that have followed and supported us over the last few years and let you know that Jasen Gibson and myself can never thank you enough for that! We have decided to put The Hardway on the shelf and concentrate on other things! Jasen is spending time with his family and i am in the the process of launching the new band that im am the lead vocalist of! We are called... Spider Web Ninjas! If you liked The Hardway then give us a listen and a like! Thank You All!!! John....

New song out!!

We have posted a new song called Holyier then Thou! We will post more new tunes soon!!!

More new songs to come!

We have a ton of new songs to lay on you! so if you like what we are doing..please give us a shout out and we will keep pumping out the tunes!!

New songs released

Moment of Truth,Vibe,and Danger in the Night are now available.

New music coming soon!

Within the next few days we will be uploading new material to our reverbnation page.Please stay tuned in,and many thanks to our fans.