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Radio Airplay

KROCK 101.5 FM played "Superstar" tonight on The Home Grown Music Hour and had some nice things to say about the album! They also said they will probably be playing more in the future!

More Video Filming

This coming Friday we will be filming more videos featuring Mark Caldeira (Jesus) and Cathy Malia Lowenberg (Mary Magdalene)!

Video Filming

Tomorrow we are filming the video for "Then We Are Decided"? The first of many videos planned featuring the original vocalists from the CD! This one features Brett Wolfington-Floodman as "Caiaphas" and Kevin Jones as "Annas"!

Official Press Release

HEAVENLY METAL Local Rockers find Jesus on New Recording Project

At first glance, the worlds of hard rock and broadway are about as far apart as one could imagine. Recent flirtations between the two have ranged from the sublime (Green Day’s American Idiot) to the ridiculous (Rock of Ages). A group of local musicians (and transplanted locals) with ties to the Hawai‘i rock scene past and present are out to prove that the disparate genres may have more in common than most people think. The group, which goes under the collective name of Tin Idols, is the brain child of Gerard K. Gonsalves, a constant presence in Hawaii’s rock and roll scene since the 1980’s, having been the drummer of world-renown metal band Aaronsrod, as well as Calamity Jayne. The group has recently issued their debut effort—Jesus Christ Supernova—a complete, soup-to-nuts heavy metal remake of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s seminal rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar. “I wanted to do a project that showed the talented vocalists and musicians from Hawai‘i in the Heavy Metal genre,”says Gonsalves. “That is why everyone on this project is either from Hawai‘i, played music in Hawai‘i back in the day, plays music in Hawai‘i now or has lived in Hawai‘i at one time or another.” The year-long project was a “musical and emotional challenge” for Gonsalves, who’s love of the Lloyd Webber penned original goes back to his childhood. The album features a veritable “who’s who” of Hawaii hard rock heavies, including both vocalists and instrumentalists. Taking the titular role of Jesus Christ is Mark Caldeira. A veteran rock singer who once fronted local rock and rollers Passion (a band which shared the stage with many of rock’s biggest acts), Caldeira still performs around town on a nightly basis. Mary Magdalene is voiced by Cathy Malia Löwenberg, a relative newcomer who fronts Missing Dave, one of the most popular rock bands on the scene today. Mark Kaleiwahea, known to metalheads the world over as the lead vocalist of cult metal sensations Sacred Rite, appears as Judas Iscariot. The trio is backed by such notable vocalists as Brett Wolfington-Floodman, Kevin Jones, Emily Pick, Lauren Hayashi, Marti Kerton, Chet Lauricio, John Diaz and Sam Kapu III, as the apostles and various chorus members. Guitars and bass tracks were performed by ex-members of such notable bands as Aaronsrod, Sacred Rite, Calamity Jayne, Rogue, Poynt Blankk, Rex Havokk, Hat Makes The Man, Rail, Killswitch and Surf Psycho Sexy. The performers who no longer reside in the islands participated long-distance, emailing their tracks from the mainland. Gonsalves played all the drum tracks himself. He also produced the album with his long-time friend Jimmy Caterine, wrangling all the performances into a cohesive, rock-solid whole. “It was a daunting task, to say the least,” Gonsalves remarks. “I could not have done it without the help of my assistant producer Jimmy Caterine, and all the talented vocalists and musicians who participated on this project. Everyone did it for free. For the love of music, and to create something incredible. I think we have succeeded.” To match the intensity of the album’s sound, Gonsalves wanted an equally dramatic visual presentation. The album features the artwork of Frank Tarallo Jensen, son of renown Hawaiian carver and artist Rocky Jensen. Gonsalves has big plans for the outfit’s future, with a hard rock redux of Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory and a collection of heavy metal Christmas tunes already underway. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit. “I have tons of ideas,” says Gonsalves. “How about a heavy metal Phantom of the Opera? Or even a heavy metal version of Fiddler on the Roof ? I get excited just thinking about it.” Jesus Christ Supernova by Tin Idols is available now on iTunes, Amazon.com and cdbaby.com. For more information, visit facebook.com/jesuschristsupernova