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New Song-Fall 2011 Edition

"Random Fits Of Rage"


Well,Spring has Sprung and we find ourselves gettin' closer to Summer!!I have spent the last 6 months working on new tracks,and I have decided to let go of em.This collection is titled EARTBOUND SAILOR,and may carry a certain theme if you wnat to read between the lines.Some of the songs are older and have been perfdormed live with Flat Rock Revival and perhaps heard at a "hackers" nights around Nashville("Dusty Road","Fallout","Ghetto Wail").Most of these songs though are a result of the main character's struggle with balance in a new world.The quest for balance can lead to moments of confusion as well as clarity,and it's all here.From the fuzzy groover,"St. Priscillain" to the JJ Cale-ish "Ms. Enfourmd" the EARTHBOUND SAILOR clearly embraces the journey!