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Naildriver On The HomeGrown Rocker!

Naildriver is the featured band on WRKY-FM's "The Homegrown Rocker" program, airing Easter Sunday at 8PM EST, with your host Jim "The Professor" Price! You'll hear an in-depth interview with the band, and the entire "WhiteDevil Chronicles, Vol. 1" EP during the show, along with an older tune you may never have heard! The show is also available as a podcast download by visiting this web address:


The show will be available for download about 2 hours after the show airs! We invite you to get a look into our world and see what makes Naildriver tick! Tell a friend and tune in on Easter Sunday!!

NAILDRIVER Featured on The Metal Deli!!

METAL ALERT: This just in! Kimmi Rudolph, hostess of the Metal Deli, will be featuring NAILDRIVER on her show this coming week! You can check out her awesome show at www.themetaldeli.com and discover some kickass new metal that you haven't heard! We will be played on Episode #141, beginning Monday, April 14th!! Here's the show's playlist:

HURSEPOWER -- Fight Me RIKSHA -- Pulling Daisies THE BLACK CROSS BROTHERHOOD -- Megiddo TYRANNY THEORY -- Defeate EMOTIONAL FLATLINE -- Love's Sickness REST IN BEEF -- Homage to the Moon VANITY RIOTS -- I Love You (Almost As Much As I Love Myself) SAALYTHIC -- Butchered Bodies SLAVESTATE -- W.A.A.G. HELLDORADO -- Nasty Habits SCAR INC. -- Time Rots HATE STORM ANNIHILATION -- From The Inside Out **NAILDRIVER -- Enemy** FIST TO THE SKY -- Forever We Will Stand CLAYMORE -- Sorrow's Tear KILL RITUAL -- Unleashed AVERNUS -- Anastasia WAKING TERA -- MISS DEMISE BLACK FOR TOMORROW -- Within The Ruins DIES MALI -- My Father

Also, you can hear Kimmi's show on the following radio sites: mhxradio.com splashmusic.com (England) rockmauritius.com (Maurituis Island) coreofdestruction.com inthepitradio.com 13stepsradio.com and... www.metaldevastationradio.com

So we will be all OVER the internet this week! Tune in, show Kimmi and The Metal Deli your support, and get those HORNS UP!!

Time For A Short Break!!

Great night last night for Naildriver playing for our first time at Woodchux in Cumberland, MD! Thanks so much to the staff their for making us feel welcome! Also, thanks to our great friends Writing Off Tomorrow for having us! We spent the past 3 shows sharing the stage with them and they are a super bunch of people! Check them out on ReverbNation and Facebook and give them a like!! So what now? Well, more writing, as we take a needed short break for the month of April. But that doesn't mean that there's not a lot going on! Look for updates soon on the "Seal The Exits" video, updates on writing progress, and also, check us out and give us a vote and share for the Vans Warped Tour contest in the Ernie Ball Battle of The Bands!! We'll strive to do our best to represent PA Metal no matter what, but this is a great opportunity to show what this area has to offer! Please visit the site, play some tunes, vote for us, and MAKE SURE to hit the blue "Share This Band" button on the page and share us to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even via email! Thanks, and we'll see you in May!! http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/Naildriver

Things Are Officially CRAZY!!

WOW!! Where to start?? Things are moving so quickly in the Naildriver camp that it's beyond difficult to keep up! So here's a rundown of what's going on...(Strap in, this is gonna be a long one!)

-We have entered the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands for a shot to play the Vans Warped Tour! It's going very well so far, thanks to your support we are in the top 10 to play the semi-finals in Burgettstown, PA! We would love to have all of your support, and your friends as well! All you have to do is visit this link: http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/naildriver Listen to some songs, cast your vote for us, and most importantly, click the blue "Share This Band" button! You can share us with your followers on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, and even via email! There is no limit to how many times a day you can vote, so please feel free!!

-The Video Shoot!!! That's right, this Saturday, March 22, Naildriver will be appearing live in concert at McGarvey's Bar (formerly Aldo's) in Altoona, PA for our CD Release Party! We have a fresh batch of copies of our EP, "The WhiteDevil Chronicles, Vol. 1" for you for only $5 apiece, AND we will be filming a music video for our song "Seal The Exits" during this show! We also have new t-shirts and stickers for sale as well, so it's an entire plethora of metal goodness for you to snap up!! Showtime is 10PM with opening band Writing Off Tomorrow, must be 21 with valid ID to enter the nightclub! Bring your smartphones and vidcams, we will be asking for fan-shot video for the finished product, so that means that YOUR footage could be in OUR video!!

-Media, Media, Media! We will be appearing on WRKY-FM's "Homegrown Rocker" program hosted by Jim "The Professor" Price on Sunday, April 20, at 8PM. We have also completed an interview with PopVulture.com, a leading entertainment magazine/website, and have gained steady radio airplay on themetaldeli.com, radioriff.com, rockaddictradio.com, and iporadio.com! We cannot thank these folks enough for supporting METAL, and their belief in Naildriver! Support these websites, and request Naildriver to let them know that you believe is us too!!

-REVERBNATION. Holy Crap. Somehow, some way, this little band in Central PA has resonated with metal fans and is climbing the charts at an unprecedented rate. There are over 13,000 bands on R.N. on their USA Metal chart alone, and as of this blog post, Naildriver sits at #389. That's in the top 3%, people. Globally in Metal on RN, there are over 150,000 bands. Naildriver sits as of this blog post at #840. GLOBALLY. You do the math. And that, my friends, is due to each and every one of you. Words cannot express how appreciative we are. Truly humbling.

-SOCIAL MEDIA: It's done gone and blowed all up, and we want you to follow along on this wild ride! There are lots of links for our social stuff, so here's a list of them for you to check out, "like", follow, and share!!





Follow @naildrivermetal on Twitter

Contact: naildrivermetal(at)gmail.com

Thank you so much for your support, and keeping metal alive! HORNS UP!!

Kevin, Scott, Todd, Matt, Bushy.... Naildriver

Brian Coho
Brian Coho  (over 3 years ago)

And you know we got your backs!!!!

F'in NAILDRIVER!!!!!!!!!

Battle Of The Bands Update!!

We are less than 24 hours into our entry into the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands, and already we are moving up, thanks to all of you!! As of this blog post, we have a 73% Buzz Rating, and 61 plays and climbing! Our goal is to make it to the regional round in Burgettstown, PA, and see what happens! Remember, we need your help! Visit this link: http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/naildriver

And listen to the music, comment on our wall, and most importantly, VOTE and SHARE!! We need to spread the Gospel of The WhiteDevil, and get some METAL on the Warped Tour! Thanks for all your support so far, and HORNS UP!!


It is ON!! Your chance to help Naildriver play the 2014 Warped Tour! YOU HEARD RIGHT! We need YOUR help to get there! Here's what ya do!!

Visit this link: http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/Naildriver

Play our music on the built-in player, then COMMENT in the comment box expressing your support for Naildriver to get to the Warped Tour!

MOST IMPORTANT: PLEASE PLEASE SHARE!! Share the word about us and SHARE THE LINK!! Post it to every social media outlet that you use! Share it with Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, Grandparents, friends, milkmen, co-workers, your doctor, your mechanic, people that you don't even know! We are calling on the Naildriver Nation to help us out!! Help us make this possibility a reality! Thank you in advance, and HORNS UP!!


LYRICS POSTED!! Ever want to sing along but not quite sure what our master wordsmith Matt Watson is singing? Lyrics for the entire EP, "The White Devil Chronicles, Vol. 1" have been posted on our ReverbNation page! Just head on over, pick a tune, crank it up, and click on "Lyrics" so you can learn the words! Thanks to Matt for supplying them!

Naildriver EP Available at Retail!

Naildriver's new EP, "The White Devil Chronicles, Vol. 1" is now available for retail purchase at The Music Emporium, located in the Walmart Plaza on Plank Road, Altoona, PA. Copies are only $5, so pick yours up today!

Naildriver Announces CD Release Show/Video Shoot In One

--Naildriver HQ, 2/21/14. 7PM EST--

Pennsylvania metal band Naildriver has announced that their concert slated for March 22nd at McGarvey's Bar has been selected as the official release party for their new EP, "The White Devil Chronicles, Vol.1". McGarvey's, located in Altoona, PA, has long been Naildriver's unofficial "home base", stretching back to it's days when it was known as Aldo's. The band is encouraging fans to join them to celebrate the official release of "The White Devil Chronicles, Vol.1", with a listening of the EP and a two-pronged show featuring opening band Writing Off Tomorrow, and a feature-length set from Naildriver. Copies of the EP will be available for sale at the show for only $5 per disc.

In addition, Naildriver has also announced that a partially crowd-shot video for their hit song "Seal The Exits" will be shot during the CD Release Show. Producer/Director John Scarfone will be capturing the ferocity of Naildriver's live performance of the crowd favorite song, and fans are encouraged to bring their own personal HD capable video cameras to assist in shooting the video. "This gives fans a chance to get involved with Naildriver, by shooting their own interpretation of our performance of 'Exits'" says drummer Kevin Siegel. "We couldn't be doing what we are doing without them, and we thought it would be pretty cool to see a Naildriver performance from a fan's point of view. Plus, working with John, we're sure to get a super-high quality video that will be a combination of professional angles and textures along with the rawness of the fan video!"

The show will begin at 10:30PM EST.

For more information, follow Naildriver at any or all of these social media links: www.facebook.com/naildrivermetal www.reverbnation/naildriver www.naildrivermetal.tumblr.com @naildrivermetal on Twitter www.naildrivermetal.com

Naildriver Releases Android App!

Okay, people, here is your chance to keep up with Naildriver on the go!

We have created and released our very own Android App!! Now you can check us out and find out what's going on with Naildriver from anywhere!! Music, photos, show dates, news, and Naildriver-related social media right from your Android phone or tablet! Any time we add a show, upload a pic, make a news announcement, or add a tune, you'll know about it before anyone else!! Now, before the complaining starts, here's the answer to the question "Why isn't your app on iPhones??": Because we need $300 per year to list it in the iTunes store. Android is free, and in the metal world, free is GOOD.

So, the burning question is: How do I get this fancy new heavy metal internet application? Well, you will NOT find it at GooglePlay. It's on our ReverbNation page. You will find it and be able to grab it by following the instructions below.

1. Visit www.reverbnation.com/naildriver on your Android tablet or Android phone. The site will automatically utilize the mobile site to streamline your viewing.

2. You'll see a notificaton that "This artist has a mobile app". Click "get it free on your Android device. Your phone/tablet will download the .apk file (app file) to your device.

***THIS IS IMPORTANT*** You will need to check your device's security settings, as many devices are set to block apps not downloaded at GooglePlay. Go into your security settings for your device and ensure that you are able to install and run apps from outside sources. If you don't, you will not be able to install or run this application. There is NOTHING harmful built into our app. We would never compromise the security of our fans and friends.

3. Once the app is downloaded, open up your "downloads" folder and tap the app to install.

4. Tap the shiny new icon on your screen and enjoy the metal goodness!!

Again, please "SHARE" this post with as many of your friends as you can! "Liking" it is cool, but does not spread the word, and that's what we are trying to do, and need YOUR help with! Spread the word, and we hope to see you very soon!!