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Thanks to the awesome folks at www.distrokid.com the ENTIRE debut CD from Naildriver, "The WhiteDevil Chronicles, Vol.1" will be available all over the web for streaming, purchase, and download!! Full completion will take place over the next 10-14 days, and you'll be able to find our music on the following services:

Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Microsoft Groove, and Beats/MediaNet!!

Make sure and get your METAL fix on with Naildriver!! Thanks for all your support!! Check back for updates!!!

Music Video....BOOM!!

After a long period of HARD work editing, culling footage, re-editing, syncing, re-syncing, computer crashes, computer rebuilds, etc... THE COUNTDOWN IS ON. The OFFICIAL music video for Naildriver's "Seal The Exits" will be released FRIDAY evening after 4pm!! Buckle up, it's unreal!! Many thanks to John Scarfone and Chris Peters (Nova 6 Studios) for all their efforts into making this real! GET READY!!!

Naildriver Seeks Vocalist!!

Alright vocalists, here's your chance. Naildriver, Central PA's most dominant metal band, is searching for a lead vocalist. We have been at it since 2007, have a 5-song EP "The WhiteDevil Chronicles Vol. 1" available, receive independent radio airplay in over 30 states and 20 countries, and are looking to reload for our next phase, and record the next album. Here's what we need: -Ability to sing cleanly and also scream. -Motivation to learn our existing music and enthusiasm to create new music is a MUST. -Attendance at rehearsals 1x per week, usually on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon/evening. -No addicts. We don't mind drinking beer at practice, but maintain yourself and be on point. -Preferably your own transportation and any gear you need. (Mic, cabling, etc.) -Creativeness and willingness to be involved in writing, rehearsing, and recording. -Energy. Shoegazers and Emo whiners need NOT apply. At all. We offer a secure, well-maintained practice space in Altoona with everything you need. You will contribute to the rent of the space, which is very reasonable. Age is no factor, as long as you can step in and show us what you have. We are all seasoned vets, in our 40's who take pride in setting the standard for metal in our region. You should have an ego, but be ready to back it up. Musically, our influences include Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Lamb Of God, Testament, Exodus, Anthrax, Clutch, and more. *NOTE* To be considered for an audition, you MUST learn one or more songs from our EP, which is available to stream here on our page. Lyrics are posted here on ReverbNation. If you cannot take the time to be able to learn our music for an audition, do not waste our time or yours. Interested vocalists please reply to: (81 Four) 33 Zero-32 Five Zero via text or call and ask for Scott or... email to naildrivermetal@gmail.com We will respond to your request for an audition with a direct email, text message, or phone call, so please include your email address and phone number in all communications. Thanks.

Wanna Join Naildriver??

Naildriver News: We are still in the process of auditioning guitarists and vocalists for the band. Here's what we ask for: Guitarists: Must be well versed in metal. We are a thrash-based original metal band with modern influences. Must be open to jazz chordings and runs, and willing to learn. Professional level gear is a must, preferably tube amps. Rehearsals are one day (usually Saturday) per week, with 2-3 gigs per month. This is NOT a side project, must be committed to making the best original metal that we possibly can. Vocalists: Must be able to sing AND scream. Excellent sense of timing needed. Willing to be available for all rehearsals and contribute to the writing process. Above all, MUST be able to grab an audience in your hand and dominate them. Shoe gazers need not apply. If interested, visit www.rockpage.net and see our advertisement in the forums and respond as instructed. If you can't figure that out, then you are not right for our band. Thanks.

The 'Driver Returns To The Metal Deli!!

Hey metalheads! Naildriver is being featured on THE METAL DELI #153!! It starts TUESDAY OCTOBER 7 and plays ALL WEEK at www.themetaldeli.com Check it out -- We hope you enjoy!!! Death Rattle Poor Excuse For a Man Cracked Alice Hangman Genotype Heliosphere Catapult the Propaganda Breathless A Higher Demise Here We Go Again Seventrain Bittersweet The Mighty Swine Last Man Standing Mammoth Salmon Dark Descent Malas Disgraced Skull Jack Make Me ill Southern Whiskey Rebellion Wander the Banks Pain Savior Poison is the New Medicine Revel 9 The Good Fight Round Four Starving Piranah Solid Ground Lords of the Trident Plan of Attack Legions of Raum The Great Beast Evolved Liberty in Embers Death By Betrayal Perpetual Fire Time Machine Naildriver Phoenix Mother Misery Standing Alone Death Rattle Doomsday The Metal Deli is also featured on the following stations: mhxradio.com splashmusic.com (England) rockmauritius.com (Maurituis Island) coreofdestruction.com inthepitradio.com 13stepsradio.com www.hardrockradio.hu (Hungary) Audio Graffiti (UK)

Review of Naildriver w/ Wrath Of Typhon from PA Musician Magazine!

"Indoors, Naildriver and Wrath Of Typhon provided hard-hitting metal excitement at McGarvey’s last month. Making their first Altoona appearance, York’s Wrath Of Typhon quickly riveted the audience’s attention with their lively presentation, as they introduced a volatile, often unpredictable sound that blended elements of classic, power and thrash metal. Charismatic lead singer Jason Robison was the wild personality out front, working all parts of the stage, floor and audience with his intense delivery and crazed antics. Backing him was the forceful corps of guitarist Bill Miskowitz, bassist Alan Willoughby and drummer David Miskowitz. The group mixed material from their first CD, Speak from the Fire, with newer songs from their forthcoming release. Naildriver then followed with their scathing brand of unrelenting power metal, mixing songs from their White Devil Chronicles, Vol. I EP, newer originals and select metal covers. Furiously backed by guitarists Scott Botteicher and Todd Dale, bassist Scott Bush and drummer Kevin Siegel; frontman Matt Watson unleashed his Doberman snarl on the set opener “Enemy,” “Hypocrite’s Anthem,” “Executioner,” “Phoenix” and “Seal the Exits” off the EP, plus new numbers such as the group’s title “Naildriver,” “Ghost of Me” and more. Naildriver also incorporated their ferocious edge into such numbers as Clutch’s “50,000 Unstoppable Watts” into Anthrax’s “Only,” Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “Wasting My Hate,” Black Label Society’s “Suicide Messiah,” Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” and more. If you missed this blistering metal double-bill, both bands return to McGarvey’s on September 6th." - Jim Price, PA Musician Magazine, 8/8/14. www.pamusician.net

Don Jamieson Returns!!!

Here is the show announcement as promised!!

FRIDAY, NOV 21, 2014 The Return to McGarvey's Bar & Grill of...


That's right, Don Jamieson, national comedian and host of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" is returning to McGarvey's! A full night of music and comedy, with performances from Filthy Lowdown, the reunion of Choking Faith, and a headlining set from Naildriver!!

Make plans now, take vacation, call in sick, tell your boss you're dead, whatever you can do, but BE THERE. Ticket info is TBA, but don't miss this show!!!

Show Cancellation!!

SHOW UPDATE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Naildriver will NOT be playing at Around The Corner in Johnstown, PA, tomorrow night (Saturday, May 10). We sincerely apologize to Placid Promotions, The ECMC, and our friends in Hopscotch With Landmines and Black Sun. We fully encourage and hope that our fans will make the short journey to support original metal and the ECMC in their efforts to bring more original metal shows to the area! Thank you, and again, our apologies.

Metal Deli AGAIN!!! AWESOME!!

If once is good, twice is nice!! Naildriver will be featured once again on The Metal Deli, Episode #142, beginning Monday, May 5th! The podcast will run through the week, and you'll be able to hear all nature of kickass unsigned metal bands from around the world, including us!! Your hostess Kimmi Rudolph will clear a table at the Deli just for you, so make sure to either listen via stream, or download to your mobile device! www.themetaldeli.com

Naildriver CD Review

Courtesy of Jim Price, WRKY-FM/PA Musician Magazine.

"NAILDRIVER – THE WHITE DEVIL CHRONICLES VOLUME 1 (no label) Altoona’s Naildriver doesn’t mince words or riffs on their first official EP offering, The White Devil Chronicles Volume 1, as they loudly and proudly put pedal to the metal. Naildriver brings brute-force, modern thrash metal over the disc’s five tracks; paced by Kevin Siegel’s precision rapid fire drum thunder and Scott Bush’s quaking low-end bass rumble, both laying the foundation for the snarling twin-edged guitar attack of lead axe Scott Botteicher and rhythm guitarist Todd Dale. These backdrops serve as the launching pad for the Phil Anselmo-informed Doberman snarl of lead throat man Matt Watson. Watson’s over-the-top delivery drives home the intense rage of “Hypocrite’s Anthem,” an impassioned, high-velocity condemnation of the Westboro Baptist Church and its agenda-serving protests. Watson turns introspective with his anger on the bracing disc-opener “Enemy,” exploring how such internal anger should be channeled. Naildriver takes listeners inside the mixed martial arts octagon on the bold and volatile “Seal the Exits,” and the disc-closer “Executioner” unapologetically levies the final penalty. Naildriver shows a darker flavor on “Phoenix,” ushered in by a piano intro by the disc’s engineer and co-producer Dave Villani; here Watson explores temptation and the struggle between good and evil, with Villani’s dark mid-song organ interlude providing extra color and depth. Naildriver’s agitated performances attack from start to end. The guitars snarl, and Botteicher’s scorching guitar leads slice with surgical precision. Watson rages with savage abandon; his rapid fire bark shows no mercy. The mix and production enable Naildriver’s attack to authoritatively pound, rip and tear; the sound is clean and razor sharp. The White Devil Chronicles Volume 1 offers power metal that connects with the jaw from the get-go; Naildriver’s heavy-hitting calling card will make fans of the metal arts eager for more where this came from. (The CD can be purchased through Naildriver’s website,www.naildrivermetal.com.)