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That's right, guys and dolls, after 4 long months Sick's Pack will return triumphantly to the stages of Texas. With fearless leader Sick back from tour with the 3 Redneck Tenors and the infamous 999 EYES Freakshow, the circle is complete. Guitarist Jimmie Dreams however will temporarily be touring with legendary singer Cyril Neville (The Meters, Neville Brothers) with their Austin based funk ensemble Tribe 13. Worry not, he will be in attendance for the season's BIGGEST show, an event celebrating/mocking not one but TWO holidays, Friday the 13th AND Valentine's Day! So what, pray tell, do these 2 holy days have in common? I'll tell you. Both have been related to none other than Goeffrey Chaucer, of Canterbury Tales fame. They were also both previously noted as holidays before their traditions were set into play. The Roman Catholic Church at one point recognised 11 St. Valentine commemorative holidays. It is said that one of the historical St. Valentine's was performing illegal marriages, after a Roman emperoror banned marriage temporarily with hopes that men would be more apt to join their army if they didn't have wives at home. So, Valentine was martyred. Death is so romantic. Friday the 13th is linked to Greek and Roman roots, but the Norse roots are my personal favorite. (Interesting factoid, there are more 13th's that land on Friday than any other day of the week). While historians don't have a definitive root for the holiday, the Norse seem to have the oldest. Apparently, after a few centuries of polytheism, they were finally convinced of the Messiah and the one true all powerful yada yada. So, they banished one of their fertility godesses, who then became a witch with 11 other witches and the Devil as her companions (13 all together). And they banished her - you guessed it - on a Friday. Their differences are a bit more obvious. One day is noted as a dimal, self aware, watch your back kind of holiday, and the other is Friday the 13th. So there you have it. My first blog. Check back for more schizophrenic and cynical ramblings right here! sick