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With recent additions from Belgium, China, and India, the three times thick mailing list now includes members from 38 countries worldwide and all 50 States in the Union. If you'd like, you can sign up at www.threetimesthick.com. We generally send out messages about once a month, depending on our live schedule and whether there's anything of note to pass on. Being on our mailing list has been known to make your teeth brighter, your breath fresher, increase your sex appeal, make you smarter, make you better in bed, and can even make you more interesting in higher doses.If you haven't yet, please accept our invitation to take a few moments to peruse our website at www.threetimesthick.com. We have additional songs, gig flyers, and promotional material available for download, our full calendar, a FAQ section, and other incidental items you might find of interest. If you do decide to check it out, please feel welcome to e-mail us your thoughts on the website or anything else for that matter.Mahalo,three times thick