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Looking For New Musicians!

Hey guys, so right now we are still in search of a keyboardist and at least one backup vocalist! If you think you have what it takes, let us know on either our facebook account, this account or our email which is tinrobotband@gmail.com Thanks everyone!!

Funny The Way It Is

Yesterday Sammy Lee walked into a coffee bar. Yeah, Sammy Lee, the singer of this band, aka myself. When I sat down, a guy walked in and looked my way. "Damn!!!!" He waved at me and I was like, well, It's a Monday, I have no plans, Howdy! And as if you didn't already know where this was going, Mr. Rugged wasn't looking at this dumb girl in the corner at all. He was looking at the beautiful girl directly behind me and now was the moment of awkward confrontation in which he gave me " the look" and she guffawed. Yeah, guffawed while her neck bobbed like an ostrich. By the way, if you don't know the look, it's that one eyebrow raised and lips puckered as if he's about to laugh hysterically at my pathetic attempt to say hello. As they walked off into the sunset (metaphorically of course) , I sat bitterly drinking my chai latte. And that is a Monday morning for Sammy Lee. Funny the way it is, haha