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Will you change some of your ways now that Obama is President?

My Family,Friends,people and Haters now that Barack Obama is President will it change your outlook? will it change the thoughts of Black people that there will no Longer be a pigeon hold on our status in America or even in the World? We will be able to reallistically raise our Children telling them you can succeed in anything you put your Heart and Mind to.We already raise them as so but now this could be the stamp of approval that this is a reality.Most of you know me i grew up in East Cleveland and never in my wildest dreams did i truly really think that i could make it in the Music business or win a Grammy,Billboard Award,have 1 Records,Travel the World,rub elbows with the top echelon of Stars or even meeting and touring 10 cities with the future President of the United States on his Black College campaign in 1992 and that would be President Bill Clinton .So here we are Barack Obama is the President Elect and what is so thrilling to me is that there is nothing that the haters could say to stop,Its showing diversity at its highest level in America,its showing that Martin Luther King's DREAM was something that GOD really showed him,it rectifies The Constitution of America that all men are created equal no matter what anyone says its confirmation that we as a people are CONQUERORS overcoming all the obstacles that GOD and Man has placed before us,In closing this Blog im not here to Preach or pump yall up or try to be an Actavist or Politician but to say people lets THINK diffrent lets not be on what some call N*gga sh*t lets change some of our ways,dont think just because this is happening that everything is all good this is the begining we have to keep it movin we have to be consistent in our everyday travels and show the world that this is not a FLUKE. Lets stop the KILLING,HATING,BACK STABBING of each other,lets stop the JEALOUSY,ENVY and the GREED LETS COME TOGETHER AND KEEP SUCCEEDING,MUCH LOVE and GODBLESS AMERICA HEY GODBLESS YOU ALL im out Joe Little(Casino)