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"A Fire Before Him"

Hey everyone we hope you are enjoying the new record. We pray it blesses and challenges you everyday. I am sitting down to write this blog to tell you what this new record " A Fire before Him" is about! We wanted to write a record that shared our experiences that allowed us to grow up and become men, so naturally we wrote about the trials and tough times we were going through.We were about to hit the studio when Joshua and Joey presented the song A Fire Before Him to the rest of us. We were totally blown away by what they had written musically and lyrically. As I started to write the bridge for the song it was revealed to me of how powerful God is and that this record should be a straight up dedication to our Heavenly Father!! I am writing this because I wanted to share with you guys the how much this song means to us! I also wanted to share my experience in the studio as I was recording the vocals for this song. I remember my head was clouded and I had other loves on my mind and distractions. I remember just throwing all those thoughts aside and I literally lifted my hands in worship to Jesus. As I started to worship His presence fill ed the whole studio and I remember looking at Joshua and seeing him with his head bowed in prayer it was one of those moments I will never forget and totally changed the aggressiveness on this album to a maximum level!! I just wanted to share this with you and hope God blesses each and everyone who reads this and buys our record thank you-Jonathan!!