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Blog post by Samantha D.

Last night i attended a three band concert at The Flying M's in Nampa, Idaho. The show began with local Gothic Rock band, The Naked Apes, and if you are looking for a punk band with an alternative twist, then this is the band for you. With hard beats, sloppy riffs and tough, Dinosaur jr. meets darby crash vocals. This duo is like the tougher punk version of House of Freaks and resemble Jesus and The Mary Chain and The Mormons all at once. Twenty four year old Devon Roth has been through alot in his life including the passing away of his younger brother, but when he reaches that stage, it's as if a true star hits the stage. With a Fixtures touch, this guy is both the drummer and the singer of this band and he is like a tougher version of the lead singer of The Neighbourhood, with a sort of inaudible touch relating him to singers such as Stiv Bators, the vandals and Richard Hell. The loveable Teddy Bear of a guitarist, twenty one year old Gabe Arellano on his bright white guitar sits to the right of Devon cultivating both extraordinary facial hair as well as a metal/ thrash sound to the band. With the occasional beautiful beginning or ending, these guys truly hold to their musical tastes and with a chorus that screams ''Idaho'', this small town band really knows how to excite and relate to their audience. They call out for pits and bring out the inner anger in all of us like a true 70's punk band might and though maybe The Flying M really isn't their fort'e, to see these guys at an outdoor festival or even a backyard party would be a blast. They are definitely a Saturday night sort of band.--Samantha D. of Indiebandfinder.blogspot.com original post on March 17th 2013