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The Raven approaches. New track nearly ready!

OK So there have been quite a few late nights since we decided to try any of this, but we are happy to report the next track is imminent, for anyone who is interested. The Raven (which might still get renamed) is technically the opening track on the planned project (Patch of Grass falls into the 4th position right now) and I can tell you I just heard the latest version of the song and we can't wait to share it. Hopefully by this weekend we will put up at least a rough cut - I suppose they are all rough really - and we would love to hear your feedback and possibly get your support in spreading the good vibes. Spent is still not ready to leave the nest, although it is also nearly finished, and will introduce a little more electric voice than what it's sisters have expressed so far. Following that, it appears the next one will take you on a ride with a travelling still (yeah like a whiskey still), and is lots of fun, which is really all any of this is about. Also, we may have significant additions to our lineup we are quite excited about. Time will tell and so will we, when things come together. To the friends we have thus far, thanks and seriously I am loving your music. It's all about the acts of doing it and hearing it... so thank you for doing it! Times are tough out there. Art and music, in any form, will be the anchor if we let it. Peace and Love, Frog

Band Drama, The Musical

Due to unforeseen relationship issues between my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, who also happened to be our favorite piano player, Jude is now no longer with Frog at least for now. Thanks a BUNCH, 'Yoko' :P We are still finishing up more new tracks for your agony, so I'm just trying to come up with some news where there was none. Let's see... We are dealing with the sudden urge to incorporate a trumpet, a cello, and bagpipes into some of the upcoming music. Not all together mind you, although that could be interesting, hmmmmm. (Grabs the pen and notepad) Vocalist, band founder, and spiritual leader Joey 'Booker' was recently camping and became overrun by local widlife, resulting in being violated by bears. Wait, no, that didn't really happen. We are potentially having an addition to the gang soon - we will know more and announce that when ready. Enough about us! What are you up to?

Second Track Still Incubating

Following up "Patch of Grass", we had hoped to have our second track, "Spent" ready by now but we have found it to be rather long and unintentionally indulgent (more than 6 and a half minutes!). We are tightening a few things up and hope to have it up soon. Three other tunes are approaching coming together, and also a couple of covers you might enjoy also, so keep an eye and ear out. We're having a blast and can't wait to share the songs.

Frog's first proper track emerges... somewhat

And... finally, after a matter of years and some recent work over the holidays, Frog's first original track has emerged. 'Patch of Grass' is the first, and probably lightest song in the planned ten tracks for 'Raw.' We have much ground to cover, and we are expecting further rounds of recording and mastering but we wanted to get a taste of the songs out initially for our friends who wanted to hear something besides howling and wankery. This version is in a pretty raw state but we are quite pleased overall to offer Patch of Grass to anyone who wants to hear it. We already have two more tracks emerging soon we think you'll dig so keep your ears peeled, and fear not - there will be howling and wankery also. Cheers, Frog