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As many of you have surely wondered why my booking schedule has been so thin it is not without reason. Without going into great detail or making excuses it is sometimes necessary to take care of the things at home firstly and foremost. I, like many people, am a full time single parent (of a 12yr old). Though there are many challenges it's awesome being a dad! One of the difficulties is not being able to always answer the call... I want my fans to know that I am writing new material, and do have a number of gigs lined up for the coming year at select cities and venues. I am in the midst of creating an electrifying show that will indelibly become printed in the minds of music fans everywhere. Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't disappeared, and the Phoenix is rising once more. Much love and gratitude my friends, Matthew Phoenix

***The Holidays are fast approaching ***

The bookings for 2012 are beginning to line up. Thank you everyone for the great support you have shown. A new song entitled "If love was enough" will be coming out in rough draft shortly. Happy Holiday Season!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians out there! Have a great day filled with great food and awesome company, and if you are alone today feel the love of life itself. I am grateful to and for you all~ 3

Lets support one another!

Here's to all those out there who push through blood sweat and tears to get their music heard, and continue to support others in the process. That's integrity, and that's cool! I salute you all!

Writing again.

Just in my home studio writing some new material worthy of releasing. I am in need of great band members who live close by. So. If you want to get together and develop a touring band then just drop me a line. Going to post some Youtube material soon as well. I will keep you posted. The Best original song did pretty good, but not sure if I am off to the second round as of yet. I will post that info asap. Take care my fellow Phoenix journeymen! Talk again soon~ ~~

Best Original song

Please give me your vote for best original song. One of my songs "Time Keeps Chasing", is being played world -wide and you can vote for it. Just head to bestoriginalsong.com and click on the Listen live tab, and then on Aug 15th atrtists. I am half way down the page. Please Hurry as the voting for this stage ends on Sunday. Peace and love to you all my friends~ Thank you once again :)

Things are going well...

So now radio play has entered my consciousness! I am now being played on 103.9 The Juice, and have many more stations that are interested in putting my songs into "on air rotation". I am now actively getting placements, and am looking to come to your city to share and perform my songs in person. If anyone would like to see the Phoenix play live, just drop me a line or two. I am looking for suggestions! Thank you to all my friends and fans, and I will update my tour schedule shortly. ~Peace

Got the scratches done!

So I got the scratches done, and now realize that the time for thinking about distribution deals is very real. The scratches sound absolutely amazing, and with what I understand about where it goes from here only solidifies the fact that this music must get to a global market place. Somehow! I think the American marketplace is the one to try and crack into. Oh well...I`ve been being told that I am on the right track with thinking about it so early in the process...so I will continue to do just that. If there is anyone who can give some much appreciated input as to where or with whom I should be talking to...Please post some information. I am open to constructive planning ideas. My email is matthew-phoenix"hotmail.com

Thanks to everyone! I will talk more tomorrow...peace.

Life and times

Ok! So here I am trying to figure out how best to promote, manage and navigate myself through this crazy funnel cloud I like to call the music industry. What I've learned so far is this: Patience is a virtue, and activity is a necessity for growing your career. I have to be honest here...If fumbling around was an olimpic sport,I would be a world champion. I am not so great at some technical things, but when it comes to singing a song...well lets just say that's my forte. This is one crazy business, but I know that for me to see my dreams come true...enduring some unforseen bumps in the road is just part of the adventure in getting to a destination. Figuring out that once one hurdle is overcome, annother is often there to take its place is begining to seem like old hat to me now. Whenever I ask myself why...The same answer comes and smacks me in the face: It's because it's who you are...nothing more. So whenever I get a chance to encourage someone, all that can be said is to be who and what you really are, and keep the faith in miricles, because more often than not,the one we need is staring at us right in the mirror. Lastly, my most favorite thing ever said to me from someone I can't remember, and use only on myself and somtimes others is simply: "Remember that you don't have to go out to buy a winning lottery ticket, because, you have all the winning numbers ever needed right there inside yourself". In other words we all were givin the secret's to our own success the moment we entered this world in the glory of birth itself. All we need figure out is that we are more than what we learn from earthbound sources. There is nothing missing...

A universe of one...

This Title EP is a pre-release of my up and coming full length album.. A Universe of One... Is a reference to the interconnectivity of all things; both known and unknown. Showing the understanding that there is no separation between anything...whether organic or otherwise... This in turn enables the individual to not just feel, but instead take confedance in knowing they are a perfectly perfect creation... with nothing lacking or missing in the blueprint of who, or what one is... By: Matthew Phoenix