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* ALBUM REVIEW "Young, Gifted, & Black MIX-TAPE" *

Singer/songwriter and UMA-nominated artist Don Jaymor releases the Mixtape version of his LP album "Young, Gifted, & Black". Layered with influences of Hip-Hop and soul the mix-tape is flavored with sexy 90's styled slow jams including the smooth hit collaboration with 341 Music Group "Love U Gently" and the Pauki-produced single "Keep It Goin". Don even samples a classic from Rufus and Chaka Khan ("Sweet Thing") for his soulful rendition titled "Sweetest Thing". Also sampling hot club song "Come To Me" by Diddy for his sexy track "Private Room". The mix-tape is a Free Download on Bandcamp.com, available now!

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"Young, Gifted, & Black" Coming Soon!!!

New album review of Don Jaymor's next planned LP release "Young, Gifted, & Black".

This New York-native singer/songwriter Don Jaymor delivers a multi-genre album of R&B, Hip-Hop/Soul, Alternative, and Dance. On "Young, Gifted, & Black" the UMA-nominated artist touches on various topics including self-confidence and self-love on "Perfectly Human," love at first sight on the mid-tempo groove "Overdue," as well as true friendship on his self-produced single "Someone Like You." This uplifting yet sexy album also includes slow jams like "Robbery" produced by the Cratez and the lounge-oriented cut "Live It Up" produced by 341 Music Group. The album features productions from Pauki, Tom Davids, Giovanni Horacio, and Don Jaymor himself!!!

"Slow Jam" Exclusive Album release

Review: "SLOW JAM" Available Exclusively on Donjaymor.com

'Slow Jam' is an expressive sensual R&B album release from Singer/Songwriter Don Jaymor. With his luscious baritone vocals DJM flows through a collection of big beats, smooth melodies, and sexy lyrical content, all of which aimed at pleasuring listeners from start to finish. With songs like "Slow Jam," "Unpredictable," and "Love U Down," this album is sure to set the mood right and deliver smooth soul very much reminiscent of the good ole days of 90's R&B.

DJM plans to release the part 2 to this Slow Jam album series, titled "Slow Jam II" which will feature brand NEW track produced by the incredible 341 Music Group "Love U Gently."


THE CONCRETE SYMPHONY Weekly Music Blog - (AUDFELI Music Staff) 3/27/11, New York, NY. “Where there is music, there is the Concrete Symphony.” Undiscovered talent is all over the world and thankfully, the internet has allowed various gifted talents to showcase their craft! Today’s generation of music artists depends no longer on the Major Labels to offer record deals. Especially when the independent artist can manage his or her career via the internet and BEYOND! Websites such as Facebook, Reverbnation.com and Ourstage.com have given artists the opportunity to sell their music directly to fans. Many artists take advantage of the opportunity including female hip-hop MC Bay Holla (www.OurStage.com/profile/Bayholla). Bay has been recognized by many such as G-Unit and Interscope records and is currently competing in the N.E.R.D. Search for the Coldest MC contest on OurStage.com! Also competing in one of the fierce competitions on OS is Hip-Hop/R&B-Pop songwriter Don Jaymor (www.ReverbNation.com/DonJaymor). His newest single “Overdue” is topping the Mardi Gras R&B competition on OurStage.com, and he plans to release his new album “Episode 1” April 26th! In the meantime, Jaymor has written two new tracks for Pop-Soul female artist Nisha, and New York-native R&B/Pop artist Nivek (www.Twitter.com/PrettyBoiVek). “Hands Up (Clap)” is a brand new hit from Indian-American singer Nisha, the release of her single will be sometime in mid-April. To hear the full song visit her management company’s website (www.Reverbnation.com/label/shypromotionsproductionsinc). While we’re on the subject of Management companies, S.H.Y Promotions & Productions Inc has been on the radar online and in the streets, because of CEO Ms. Wise and her undeniable work ethic. Currently S.H.Y, also known as IamSHY, is releasing new music from artists Nisha, Nivek and Don Jaymor. The concrete symphony will be hosting a music concert live in New York City April 8th at the Producer’s Club! Performers include a line-up of gifted acts from various genres such as Nivek, Reggae/R&B artist Sexy4Spite, Acoustic soul artist Plaisir and many others! Come see what the streets of New York City have to offer at the Concrete Sympony!!! (ConcreteSymphonyBlog@Gmail.com) READ FULL BLOG @ BLOG.MYSPACE.COM/DONJAYMOR

DJM Online SPINs Credits...

::::DON JAYMOR - ONLINE MUSIC SPINS :::: - Don Jaymor’s music websites and inclusion in various mixtape/album project releases have totaled more than 800,000 plays including downloads, streams, spins, and sales. [Current] - MYSPACE.COM (www.Myspace.com/donjaymor) - 150,000 [Current] - REVERBNATION.COM (www.ReverbNation.com/donjaymor) - 1,100 [Current] - LAST.FM (www.Last.FM/music/Don+jaymor) - 500 [2003-2005] - DOWNLOAD.COM (www.download.com/don_jaymor) - 3,000 [2003] - IUMA.COM - 1,000 [Current] - NUMBERONEMUSIC.COM - 2,000 [2003-2005] - NEWMUSIC.CLEARCHANNEL.COM - 3,000 [Current] - ISOUND.COM (www.isound.com/don_jaymor) - 4,000 [Current] - IHEARTMUSIC.COM - 100 [2003] - NEWMUSICREPORTER.COM - 2,000 [Current] - BLACKPLANET.COM (www.music.blackplanet.com/donjaymor) - 100 [Current] - YOUTUBE.COM (www.YouTube.com/donjaymor; other Users uploaded DJM music) - 500,000 [2008-2010] - SONGCASTMUSIC.COM - SALES $30 ($0.99 ea. Song counts as 1 play totaling 30 Plays) [2007-Current] - MIXTAPES/ALBUMS - (Various Mixtapes, Artist albums featuring DJM) - 200,000

DJM Album/Mixtape Credits

::::DON JAYMOR - ALBUM/MIXTAPE CREDITS:::: - Don Jaymor’s inclusion in many of the mixtapes below including his own mixtape/album project releases have totaled more than 800,000 plays including downloads, streams, spins, and sales. 2007 - BLACK CHILD MIXTAPE (DJM) 2008 - THE EDUCATION MIXTAPE (DJM) 2008 - “DJM” (DEBUT ALBUM) 2008 - AMERICA’S MOST UNDERRATED BLOG (“Temperature“) 2008 - SEXY URBAN CREW (“R U Sexy Enough”) 2008 - COSA NOSTRA/BELLA MAFIA MIXTAPE (“Spotlight,” Dance Wit’ Me”) 2009 - “ME, MYSELF AND THE RADIO” (SOPHOMORE ALBUM) 2009 - THE MOVEMENT - JO SHINE (ALBUM; “Got A Question Ft. Don Jaymor”) 2010 - ALMOST FAMOUS MIXTAPE (Hosted by Mr Shox DJ, Stylistic) (“Got A Dream”) 2010 - M43.US - WE ENTERTAIN YOU MIXTAPE (“Love Ya Down,” “Stupid 4 Luv”) 2010 - GARAGEBAND.COM TOP TRACKS PODCAST (“Summatyme,” “Spotlight”) [Available on iTunes.com] 2010 - BLASTTHESEMIXTAPES.COM (“Cant 4Get My Luv”) ---THE SINGLE “GET DOWN, GET LOW” FT. PITBULL IS FOUND ON THE MIXTAPES BELOW-- 2010 - DJ FLETCH - “TRILL ACADEMY” 2010 - DANNY T & DOUBLE R - HIP-HOP & RNB VOL. 15 2010 - DJ RAPTURE & RICKY J - WHATTA NIGHT MIXTAPE 2010 - DJ BLAZITA, DJ KOOL KID - MY PARTY IS BETTER THAN YOURS 2010 - DJ NOODLES - COAST 2 COAST JUMPOFF MIXTAPE 2010 - DJ DILA - LIVE IN DA MIX VOL. 17 2010 - DROPTHEVIBE.COM WEEKLY MIXTAPE 4/25/10 2010 - DJ CLINTON SPARKS - THE BLACKSMITH MIXTAPE 2010 - VALENTINES DAY MIXTAPE 2010 - PITBULL - THE KRAZIEST PRT 4. 2010 - DJ SPYDA - BLOOD MONEY MIXTAPE 2010 - FRESHNEWTRACKS.COM PART 51 2010 - PARTY BANGER MIXTAPE MASHUP MY LIFE VOLUME 1 2010 - ALL IN ONE PARTYBREAKZ: BLACK VS HOUSE 2010 - RNB FLAVOR 97 (Hosted by Double L)

The Don JayMor Project (EP)

This up-and-coming R&B/Pop songwriter is a unique talent, fresh out-of-the Bronx, New York. On his Digital EP Compilation Album entitled "The Don JayMor Project," the 24-yr-old baritone-vocalist delivers a range of R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electronic soul. This 7-track EP compilation features previous online singles from 2007 to the present released by DJM such as "Spotlight," the REEKO produced single "SummaTyme," the inspirational and 2x Track of the Week recipent at Garageband.com "Song 4 U" produced by Fetti Entertainment, the space-electronica hit "You Wanna Dance" and more! This EP album will be a street release to strengthen DJM's fanbase and expose his old school sound with a New skool twist. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DONJAYMOR WWW.BLACKPLANET.COM/DONJAYMOR

Track Of The Week @ Garageband.com!!

* "Song 4 U" a track produced by Fetti Entertainment with lyrics and vocals by Don JayMor, was inspired by those who have lost a loved one close to them. Recorded in 2007, DJM used the song as an outro for his debut indie album "djm" released in 2008. After releasing the song to the Garageband.com R&B chart in Feb. 2010, the R&B-inspirational hit has been Track Of The Day, Track Of The Week, has gained a highest of 5 stars, and received Reviewer's Picks awards for Best Male Vocals, the Production and Melody. Download "Song 4 U" @ www.Garageband.com/artist/donjaymor