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Twickenham based Ladybear have been gigging london for the last few years. Louis and Amy met somewhere, sometime and have since been steadily carving out tunes ever since. John joined with them back in 2006 and has provided focus and stability in the form of great stick banging. These three are hell bent on playing music that people can really enjoy. Bursting forth from a rich musical heritage they now have some seriously great musicians playing with them to complete their line up. There first video ‘Crocuses’ was a no budget success, directed by William Nicholls and featuring new up an coming actress Rebecca Courtwright. Many more are already planned and in the pipeline. This year will see the launch of Ladybear’s first album which is already looking like one hell of a ride. This is us This is the bear Enjoy

Ladybear  (almost 8 years ago)

Hi all you lovely people.
New demo has been uploaded.
Hope you all like it.