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Exactly one year from our entry in ReverbNation, Of the Sun and the Moon, today, Friday July 11th 2014, reached the highest point in the standings: #1 in the Local Metal Rank for Cilavegna PV/Italy; #6 in the National Metal Rank for Italy; #245 in the Global Metal Rank; at this point we've to thank from the deepest side of our hearts all friends, musicians, fans and all those who contributed to reach this important milestone. We must thank also all colleagues, fellows and musicians for the amazing, cool and wonderful comments and feedback.


... this is a really big news ... we'd like to share it, just right now, with You, friends, fans and followers ... dear Warriors of our invencible Armada ... we're "artists of the month of April on jadeslavalounge.com" \m/

check it out: http://jadeslavalounge.com/home http://www.facebook.com/pages/profile/421137217974745 http://www.reverbnation.com/ofthesunandthemoon


Update #4/2014 "OUR SONG OPENING THEME FOR RADIO SHOW" Of the Sun and the Moon management

Amazing news for our Invencible Armada. The "first sixty seconds" of our instrumental track "Daughter of the Desert", you can always listen to on ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/eplay/artist_3495559, are, from a few days, the "opening theme" of the radio show of our australian friend Steve Porter.

This is, definitely, a great privilege. We're honored, happy and proud for this opportunity. Thanks so much, Steve!

About Steve's radio project ... well, it's a large open space dedicated to "unsigned" artists, musicians and bands of all music genres ... to know more, here are the links

https://www.facebook.com/Lavaloungemixfm [pls LIKE it]

http://www.lavaloungemixfm.com/ [to listen to the show]

http://jadeslavalounge.com/home [for all the infos]


Update #3/2014 "COLLABORATION/DUET" Of the Sun and the Moon management

JOHN LORENA [Of the Sun and the Moon's lead guitarist and songwriter] and the OtSatM's management are currently looking, thru' Italy and around the world, for a Death or Black metal MALE vocalist, with very dark and powerful voice, for working alongside Lory De Lorean [Of the Sun and the Moon's lead vocalist] in a duet/collaboration. The above mentioned vocalist, in the next new track "The Lady in Red hits Seven Times", will play the role of "evil". As an alternative, the band is also interested in a FEMALE vocalist with scratchy, strong, dramatic and screaming voice, for the same role. The band is available for collaboration at a distance too, assessing any possible case. Who interested is invited to PM JOHN through Of the Sun and the Moon official Facebook page or thru' Of the Sun and the Moon official ReverbNation profile ... More infos only in private.


Update #2/2014 "WORK in PROGRESS" Of the Sun and the Moon management

After the amazing and surprising feedback for the debut single, instrumental "Daughter of the Desert", all of you can always listen to on ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/ofthesunandthemoon the guys are, currently, in studio working on riffs and rhythm section of the new "The Lady in Red hits Seven Times", on chords and melody of the ballad "Sad, the Rain", and on instrumental and vocal arrangements of "Everlasting Warrior". The three songs will be the debut of Lory De Lorean as Of the Sun and the Moon's lead vocalist.


OF THE SUN AND THE MOON Management ... update #13

... here is the full and official tracklist of the OF THE SUN AND THE MOON's musical project named "Under The Influence Of The Sun And The Moon". The percentages next to the songs indicate the processing status and the work in progress:

1] intro {90%} 2] Of the Sun and the Moon {10%} 3] The Lady in Red hits Seven Times {25%} 4] Everlasting Warrior {60%} 5] River of Oblivion {45%} 6] Sad, the Rain {5%} 7] Burn the Witch {5%} 8] Daughter of the Desert {100&, pubblicata} 9] God of Thunder {Kiss cover, 5%} 10] Back in Black {Amy Winehouse cover, 5%} 11] California Dreamin' {Mama's and Papa's cover, 10%}

... attention!! In three songs, "River of Oblivion", "The Lady in Red hits Seven Times" and "Burn the Witch", there will be some big surprises, consisting of features of amazing artists who'll duet with our lead vocalist Lory De Lorean. John and the management are, infact, just right now, looking for a rap artist, a male "growl" vocalist and a female vocalist for these collaborations. If someone wants to suggest herself/himself to the band, she/he can contact and write to us here with a private message.

... more news ... soon! Stay Rock and Tuned!


Only few words to thank everyone, friends, fans, musicians, artists who, until now, gave us their great support and that, with wonderful words and unexpected and very welcome comments, is, day by day, feeding us with new lifeblood, driving us to give our best as artists, musicians and individuals. Of the Sun and the Moon band wishes you a Happy Rocking Christmas and a Happy New Year full of cool and amazing things!