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Working Hard

Ship of Fools has been hitting it hard! We have 3 new songs in the works and lyrics written for two of them. We are in the process of getting picked up by a booking agency which will remained unnamed until all the final details are worked out. The lyrics for two of our new songs are posted below. Let us know what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Work in Progress*** Song 1 A storm is approaching The thunder's in his hand Lightning sparks from his fingers and gives life to his plan Rain falls from his eye lids and collects on the floor He has done what he can but can't take anymore

The fire's extinguished The embers have cooled The credits have rolled right off of the spool He wipes off the soot that covers his face and it's finally clear that is wasn't a race

The life that he's lived was far from ideal He didn't want it to end he just wanted to feel But he can't take back the deed he has done "On the bright side" he said "At least I don't have to run."

Song 2 Sunk like a ship, capsized my soul Stuck in my head, burning like coal The Words have escaped and slipped through my grasp The time it had come but now it has past

An eery silence, it seals our fate chiming in only to confirm its to late Mocking our efforts and consuming our hope Striving, driving, and crying to cope

Tighter the noose grips around his neck Searching to find to cure to this wreck Reverberations have come to a halt The crack in the bell is not without fault