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introduction to Kyra Kane

Kyra Kane, also known as Kyra the Rap Diva, is one of the most dynamic, highly anticipated and talented rising stars of her era. Kyra is an exceptional rap artist and is also acknowledged for her extraordinary song writing ability, which ranges from Hip Hop to R&B to Reggae. She is a native of Trinidad but at a young age her family moved to Brooklyn, New York. While growing up in Brooklyn Kyra began to indulge into to music and was inspired by the late Notorious B.I.G.She began to rap, sing and write her own music and would impress all that heard her music. Kyra Kane formed a team and began to market herself as the Rap Diva and those who were exposed to her sound began to celebrate her as such. She went on a small tour around the U.S. funded by those who believed in her music and her fan base grew rapidly. Kyra began performing at show cases, concerts and any events that would have her; she has done shows with artist like Swiss Beats, Jim Jones, and Sean Kingston just to name a few. She has caught the ear of Jive Records, Atlantic Records, and most recently Shady Records. Her ambition, drive and level of talent is unmatched by any female rap artist of this time, and this combination is what will secure her success in the music industry. Kyra is set to release her highly anticipated mix tape “Twisted Ego” June 1st 2011, and has release her first single off the mix tape entitled “Kinky”. She continues to spend countless hours perfecting her craft and describes herself as “a hungry music addict”, and remains persistent in finding modes to amaze all who hear her music. Premier Jams, Base Recall, and Shice-T Entertainment are all in belief that this diva will conquer the hip hop world and will take this industry by storm. She is one that should be observed as she pushes her career to platinum status.