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does it matter what most people say?

All of us as indie artist have dealt with the constant disrespect and outright hate from others at times. We choose to go hard and keep it original. don't let anyone tell you,you are not capable to clarify that statement many will tell you but you just have to ignore them. There's a motivational vid to see indie thinkers just like us on my rn homepage near the bottom. please pass it on. There should be no competition at this level. we all need one another to break.

Don't blow up each others

pages with HTML and links to your music in the comments section. It's not cool. Send it in a direct messege,if someone is halfway interested they will check it out. For me personally it is a definite no if you post a link on my comment section. We all have our own RN pages comments should be from fans or people who want to talk about YOUR music not links that go back to something else. Besides being on both sides of the desk performing and the business side I can honestly say it's a big turn off. Rock on!

ReaGan Smash
ReaGan Smash  (almost 6 years ago)

Well said my friend...