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A New Day!

It has been a pretty exciting time in the world. Lots of growth and change and progress. We are all searching for something, all striving for something, all reaching for the stars. Do not stop! Keep going keep living and keep loving. If you haven't heard, I am doing a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to record the First Official Jeremy Caywood Solo Album. Check this link if you are free, if you are willing to support, there are some great incentives and the overall goal is a great attainable goal! Thank you so much for your continued support and love! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/475869399/jeremy-caywood-first-full-length-album ps ...sorry, may need to copy and past link in url space...please do though!! Love always, Jeremy

In the Spirit

Its the holiday season! Need any presents for any friends? Maybe a Jeremy Caywood Cd could be the perfect gift to share with a loved one! Let me know if you are interested they are available..in limited quantity for now.

todays a big music day though...Delanie's Coffee for a brand new open stage, thanks to Delanie's Coffee and Deborah Brown and then off to Hambones afterwards with my dear friends David and Jeff, thanks to jeff for letting us sing away every week!!

if you arent doing anything tonight you should come down to one of these!! dont know where they are? message me, facebook me, tweet me, email or text and i will aid you in your directions!

love and be loved ..its that time of year!

99 Bottles!

Hey all!!

I am super jazzed up...I'm playing a show with 2 very close friends, Adam Levine and Western Pennsylvania, TOMORROW!!!! November 16th Friday. It is as 99 Bottles on Washington Ave in Carnegie! come on down and hang out for some fun!

in other news...I posted a few songs from the upcoming EP! Also posted a few links to some videos of myself singin some music! you shouuuld check them out and then share them with your friend :D hope you are all doing well... I promised new music for a long time, its nice to be able to give it to you!

Hope you enjoy!!! love, j


Hey everyone! Hope this day finds you doing well, I am anxiously awaiting this upcoming Sunday at 5!!..got a show at The Smiling Moose! With my dear dear friends from Indiana, Stop.Drop.Rewind! Great musicians! It is a FREE show!!

Also coming up, Wednesday at South Hills Music, there is an acoustic show with Instead of Sleeping (more dear friends!) and My Greatest Mistake, I hear great things of them :) (Tickets are 5 dollars at door and door is at 6!!)

Finally, the 28th is Thursday and I will be performing at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Brookline! Starts at 5!! it is FREE also!!

I wish you all a great evening and night and I hope you are able to make it to 1 or all of the shows this upcoming week!! If you have questions or comments or concerns bout anything at all...get at me!!!

love you all!



ive put a lot of myself into my music..all of myself in fact..ive put the world and life into lyrics and melody...into chords and structure..that flows freely and effortlessly...but i have not captured every essence or every thought, experience, or phenomenon (spelling??) that occurs...still putting everything i am and everything i see and feel and hear into music..cant see doing it any other way...

"its easy to look up and know its okay. its easy when we believe what we see and what we do its all the same."

love each other. and yourself.



Well...living at home is a great adventure....making ends meet is another great adventure...theres good and bad..but that is life. How we use the good and bad to grow, is what makes life exciting..seeing how we have grown, makes life exciting.

I see too much struggle for others and i just want to reach out to them. And when i do i listen to the things i say and watch my actions and how they affect this person or people and i say to myself, if i just took my own advice...id be a happier person...

So, here is to life. The good and bad. The things we use to make us grow and the things we over look because we don't see the significance. Here is to every breath...inhaled..and exhaled. Here is to life.